What are Experts Saying about the Market

Whtat's to come?

For now, many are going to be sidelined from buying home. With that being said, there will always be a need to sell and a need to buy. Will it take longer to sell with the current conditions? In some cases, yes and in others no. Vacant properties will be selling much faster than occupied homes due to new showing restrictions. However, selling an occupied home will take a tech-savvy and experienced agent. There are lots of great selling opportunities when it comes to showing properties and staying within the healthy guidelines.

Please don't shy away from selling right now. When this is all over, there is going to be a flood of inventory. The latter could have a more negative effect on value than what we know right now.
Restrictions have been placed on Realtor's as far as showings and how we conduct out business. Lenders have new guidelines as well. However it's how we adapt and how creative we can be that will allow our clients to continue to move forward. Let's chat about all your alternatives, whether it is buying or selling.