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Welcome to “Anatomy of a Listing”: Not Just Listed, but How it Was Listed.” I’m Robbyn Battles, and I’m not just your real estate agent -“I’m more than just your real estate agent—I am your Real Estate Consultant. This distinction is crucial because my role extends beyond simple transactions. It’s about building a partnership with you to expertly navigate the intricate process of preparing you and your home for the market. In this blog, we’ll explore the real-world complexities of the listing process. A journey far removed from reality TV shows’ glitz and superficial glamour. With over 35 years of experience in real estate, I offer more than just sales expertise; I provide guidance and advice through one of your most significant life decisions. Forget the scripted scenes of television; the actual process is quite different, and I’m here to show you how it happens in an “Anatomy of a Listing.”

Why would I like to be called a Real Estate Consultant? Unlike traditional agents or Realtors® who primarily focus on a one-size-fits-all pre-printed marketing plan, I prioritize a consultative approach. This means I spend significant time understanding your specific needs, goals, and concerns. This approach ensures that we align strategy with your life transitions and real estate objectives, providing a tailored experience that addresses your unique situation. Below, I’ll summarize the “Anatomy of a Listing,” sharing the informational process. It’s much more than a random Just Listed card.

When to Call a Real Estate Consultant? Begin your home-selling journey by consulting with me long before you’re ready to list. This early planning is crucial and can significantly affect the Outcome of your sale. Unlike typical agents with a “one size fits all” approach, I tailor each step to fit your unique situation.

The Importance of a Personalized Plan Every home and homeowner is different. Many are overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work needed to prepare a house for sale—from decluttering years of accumulated belongings to addressing repairs. That’s where a detailed, customized plan comes into play. By working together well ahead of time, we can set a realistic timeline and organize tasks to prevent them from becoming overwhelming.

A Real Example from My Consultation Practice Let’s discuss a recent example that illustrates my hands-on approach to the listing process. After receiving a call to sell a family home, I promptly met with the homeowner and her son the following week to begin planning. During this initial phase, we held two meetings to thoroughly discuss everyone’s expectations, delegate tasks effectively, and determine how the homeowner could contribute to decluttering the home for sale. Subsequently, a comprehensive meeting was conducted with all the siblings and their mothers to ensure alignment and commitment.

Over the next three weeks, we tackled decluttering and packing, a task in which I was deeply involved, sometimes daily or weekly. This phase followed a week during which the family actively packed their belongings into the truck. I then took the lead for an additional ten days, personally managing the final clean-out of the property, overseeing the cleaning, addressing minor repairs, and meticulously staging the home to ensure it looked its best—a process I liken to putting the cherry on top.

From our first meeting to signing the contract and executing the plan 100%, the entire process spanned close to 90 days. This timeline reflects the family’s commitment and my active participation and management, ensuring that what could have been an overwhelming task became a thoroughly planned and successfully executed project tailored to the family’s needs and capabilities.

Consultation and Preparing to List

  1. Early Engagement: The best time to call me is before you are ready. Early planning can dramatically influence the ease of your selling process and the success of your sale. This initial phase involves thoroughly assessing your current situation and plans.
  2. Creating a Custom Plan: Based on our initial discussions, I developed a personalized plan that schedules each step needed to prepare your home for the market. This could include decluttering, minor repairs, and possibly updating certain aspects to enhance appeal. Our plan ensures we tackle each task systematically to avoid any last-minute rushes or oversights.
  3. Implementation: Each action item on our plan is executed with precision. If decluttering is required, we decide together how it should be handled—whether it involves hiring professionals or organizing it ourselves. I take a very hands-on approach. If repairs are needed, I don’t just hand over contact information and place the coordination on you. I coordinate most of the preparation for the home, with your approval, of course.
  4. Staging and Final Touches: Once the home is decluttered and repaired, sometimes staging comes into play. Depending on the budget and the property, this step can be crucial as it transforms your home into a market-ready property, highlighting its best features to potential buyers—a quick reminder: Sometimes staging is simply rearranging furniture. There is not always a need to spend thousands with a professional stager. The goal is always to make your property look its absolute best within your means and comfort level.

Clarifying the Listing Process This entire preparation phase is distinct from the actual marketing and selling that happens once the home is listed. The groundwork we lay during the listing preparation is critical—it sets the stage for a smoother, more effective sale. Understanding and executing this phase will ensure that when the home goes on the market, it presents at its best, attracting the right buyers and securing the best price.

The Outcome This client-centered approach builds trust and ensures that you feel supported throughout the selling process.

Remember, whether your home sale is a sprint or a marathon, it’s all about preparing adequately and aligning with a consultant who understands your needs and the market. Every step is planned with your best interests in mind, ensuring you have done so confidently and clearly when listing your home with me.

Sincerely, your Real Estate Consultant.
Robbyn Battles
JohnHart Real Estate

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