Forming an Effective Team Puts Your La Crescenta Agent to Work

One of the most effective ways to maximize your chances of achieving the best residential real estate deal possible lies in your ability to partner effectively with your choice of La Crescenta real estate agent. Your agent is your local guide through the complexities of La Crescenta’s market—your assistant, tutor, and trusted right arm in

Three Easy La Crescenta Home Winterizing Tips Cut Energy Bills

La Crescenta home owners don’t have to live in the kind of January landscape that features blizzards and snowdrifts to want to winterize their home before the onslaught of the chilliest temperatures. In even the mellowest of climates, winterization is a way to shrink energy bills. And even if the recent shocking downward spirals in

Four Reasons La Crescenta Real Estate Investments Beckon

Good investors tend to be cautious souls. For those who prior to 2007 had never ventured into the realm of La Crescenta real estate investments, the ensuing downturn might have been enough to discourage any curiosity about that direction (even if their other investments had also suffered during the global financial crisis). Nonetheless, at this

First Time Home Buyer Rates Drop to Near 30-Year Low

As the end of 2014 approached, the National Association of Realtors® was able to come up with some general observations on the makeup of the current market—facts that anyone expecting to deal with La Crescenta home buyers in the coming year should find useful. With consumer attitudes showing improvement across the board, you might have

Nightline says Reality TV House Flipping isn’t Realistic

ABC’s Nightline recently aired an interesting segment about house flipping, which included a magic number that’s probably never been seen before. La Crescenta house flippers would have been glued to their TVs if they’d stayed up late enough to catch Nightline, because if authentically magical, it’s a good number to know. The segment was part

Why a La Crescenta ‘Short Sale’ Can Take a Long Time

The term “short sale” has been misleading people for decades. Despite the name, it’s a term applied to transactions that often involve a lengthier-than-usual sale process. A La Crescenta “short sale” is named for the financial aspect of a sale rather than the length of time it requires. It’s anything but a shortcut. The ‘short’

What About Renting Your La Crescenta Home?

You are a La Crescenta homeowner, but now your family has simply outgrown the place. You’re almost ready to start hunting for a new home—but hesitate. The fact is, you’re reluctant to give up your present property. It’s been a terrific home, and you suspect it’s only going to grow in value… If your financial