Battles Real Estate joins Keller Williams Realty

Battles Real Estate_Keller Williams_office signFor 27+ year Battles Real Estate has been an independent real estate Company selling real estate in the Foothills. In September 2016 Robbyn Battles made a decision it was time for a change. The decision was made to move her company to the Keller Williams Realty brand. Battles real Estate is now located in La Canada ( 842 Foothill Blvd.), only a few miles down the road from her previous office in La Crescenta and Montrose. Why may you ask? The market is changing the tools sellers and buyers deserve are changing. Running a company takes a lot of time and energy and can take your focus in many directions. After 27+ years selling running the company, I simply felt there was really one thing I wanted to do, sell real estate. Don’t get me wrong owning your own company is a great experience and with Keller Williams, I still own my brand. With the change, I now simply have an extra set of hands, in fact, more than just a set multiple sets. Selling homes are what I love to do. After so many years of tackling all the moving parts of running a business now, I simply wanted to relinquish some of those responsibilities. In order to come to this decision, there had to be plenty of upsides. I make quick and succinct declensions and I have to say this one was not like so many others. This took months, after all, my entire business was about to change. Knowing what I know now wow was this a great decision.

I am not going to sell Battles Real Estate short by any means. Hey, I competed against all of these large companies for years. I could not have done this if I did not strive to keep up with the latest and greatest tools for my clients. This change will allow me to offer even more amazing services.  What’s even better is as things improve and new tools become available they automatically get added to my marketing. Let me share and example. If you are in the market or even think about real estate the odds are pretty great that you have heard of Zillow. What you may not know is this. When a specific home pops up there are typically three to four agents listed as the expert. Yes, the expert but NOT the listing agent. Agents pay a lot of money to have their name pop up next to other agents listings, the funny thing is the actual listing agent is never listed. This is how Zillow makes money, they sell areas to agents and the agent gets the leads. However, let’s think about the seller. They interviewed agents and put an enormous amount of trust in their agent to represent them and when their home appears on Zillow their agent own agent does not have the opportunity to represent their own listing. Well here is the difference with Keller Williams. Keller Williams listings are always represented on Zillow by their listing agent. Keller Williams listings do not 3 or 4 agents along the side touting an expert. Because in reality, the expert for the sellers’ property is the listing agent right? The listing agent should not have to compete with other agents that have never seen the home. The seller is under the impression their agent is talking to the buyers interested in their home when it appears on Zillow. When your home is listed with Battles Real Estate – Keller Williams Realty the buyers will always be inquiring directly with me. Zillow buyers will never be farmed out to the agents paying for leads.


MyhouseagentappSo here is something else I just love. My new Real Estate app. So simple to download just click this link, This app outperforms anything I have seen so far as a quick and user-friendly real estate app. Best of all if you need information and you want to see the property you can contact me directly from the app. This is an electronic business card. Use this certainly to search for properties and then also remember to use the app to contact me, Robbyn Battles if you have any questions. I hope you download the app and place it on your list of favorites. Just think if you are out on a Sunday and drive by an open house all you have to do is open the app and get all the details. No more getting out of the car and being bombarded by a pushy agent simply to find out the house is out of your price range, has no back yard or has had 10 cats wondering freely and now your allergies have kicked in so badly you can’t breathe the rest of the day. Now you can simply click on the app icon and get all the details. Then if it peeks your interest go take a look. Be sure and let the open house agent know you already have the details and more importantly tell them you have an agent Robbyn Battles and Robbyn sent you the info.

Let’s talk about things that will not change with this new real estate venture of mine. I will still bring over 27 years of real estate knowledge. Just remember with that kind of experience I have seen every possible real estate market. Battles Real Estate is still my company and my brand. I will remain active in my community, La Crescenta, Sunland-Tujunga and La Canada, in fact, I am growing my sphere of contribution. What does this mean? I am not only working to give back to the communities I sell real estate I am now back to working on my non-profit ASTER. ASTER is a non-profit dedicated to our senior citizen community. Giving back to my community is important. Having some of my time freed up from running my own company 24/7 allows me to dedicate this time back to the community that has always been so supportive of my real estate business. This also allows me more time for the business of selling real estate.

This change is very exciting for me and my family. I am excited to bring all of these great changes and benefits to my present, past and future clients. If you are looking to buy or sell or you know someone interested in buying or selling please connect with me or feel free to share my app.

Thank you so much for your support.
Robbyn Battles
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