La Crescenta Rental Owners Take Advantage of Tax Benefits

As a homeowner in La Crescenta, you are pleasantly reminded each April 15th that the interest portion of your mortgage payments is 100% tax deductible. When you own La Crescenta rental property, though, the tax implications are considerably different. You need to report rental payments you receive from your tenants as income—but you’ll also be

Selling Your La Crescenta Home: When Overpricing’s a Good Idea!

A crucial part of selling your La Crescenta home comes right at the outset—when you set your asking price. It boils down to a decision to go high (the I-love-this-place-and-gotta-have-it-no-matter-what price); or low, with a number that is just under neighborhood comparables (the I’d-better-snap-this-up-before-someone-else-does price). Success in selling your home quickly is commonly understood to

Finding Neighborhoods in La Crescenta That Fit Your Wish List

There’s a lot you can change about a house. You can repaint it, renovate the interior, landscape the yard. The one thing you can’t change is its location—and there’s abundant truth in the familiar list with the three most important words in real estate: location, location, location… That’s why getting to know as much as

La Crescenta Accessible Homes Market Part of a National Trend

When the American Institute of Architects reports on emerging trends, sooner or later they’ll be showing up in the La Crescenta listings. That’s been true of one trend the AIA started reporting in 2010: the move to ever-larger square footages. But now a more interesting finding is developing. It’s one of the principal findings in

Listings Missteps to Avoid…Any Time of the Year!

The La Crescenta listings aren’t dominated by any particular kind of seller—like local listings everywhere, all kinds of homeowners are represented. One attribute they generally have in common is the motivation to make their sale happen quickly. Sometimes that’s because they have settled on a new home purchase and want to avoid months of paying

3 Things to Keep In Mind When Negotiating a Home Purchase

Negotiating tactics. It’s a topic that business authors adore. This is perennial best-seller territory…so much so, you could probably fill a moderate-sized home library with titles like The Art of the Deal and Getting to Yes. When it comes to negotiating a home purchase in La Crescenta, fine-tuning your offer—finding the balance between writing a