Real Estate News (in Case You Thought You’d Heard it All)

La Crescenta real estate news is fairly predictable—at least compared with some of the stories that filter in from the rest of the world. Here in La Crescenta, for instance, wherever a new home is being built, you’re likely to see familiar evidence like stacks of lumber and drywall, cartons of nail gun ammo, sacks

La Crescenta Green Homes Demonstrate Altruism and Practicality

Whether we see it as evidence of the advance of a wider green homes movement or simply of rising environmental consciousness, La Crescenta green homes are becoming properties with a distinct marketable sales advantage. What were once viewed as altruistic gestures practiced by only the most dedicated preservationists are going mainstream—and at a rapid clip.

U.S. Residential Sales Expectations Hit 8-Year High

Residential sales in La Crescenta —in fact, all real estate dealings anywhere—remain the most local of commercial transactions. If your house is in San Francisco, a price spike in suburban Newark is probably of little interest, unless you plan on moving anytime soon. Even so, the new projection for overall U.S. residential sales had to

La Crescenta Real Estate Watchers Note Strong National Upswing

La Crescenta real estate trends don’t always trace patterns that are precisely identical to those in the rest of the state or nation, but sooner or later the local market almost always responds similarly. That’s because there is a certain amount of momentum—positive or negative—that is automatically spawned by the good or bad real estate

Forecasting the Future for La Crescenta Housing in the New Year

It does seem to be time for an in depth forecast about La Crescenta’s housing outlook for 2015. The prediction game is going strong everywhere else this week, with print and online journalists and TV talking heads interviewing experts and each other about what to expect in the coming year. Some make noteworthy predictions—but more

Real Estate Markets Register Steady Improvement

La Crescenta real estate observers got some background information last month that seemed to confirm much of what we’ve been seeing for a while now. Mid-term election politicking is now safely behind us (for a brief while, at least), but in the run-up to the elections, this was a comprehensive real estate canvass that yielded

La Crescenta House Prices May be Rising—but not Bubbling!

The previous decade’s burst of the real estate bubble, with its plummeting La Crescenta house prices and accompanying economic dislocations, made a lasting impression. For most homeowners the damage was strictly psychological: the majority weren’t even tempted to sell while La Crescenta house prices were dropping (or hovering below what they darned well knew were