City of Hope Comedy Benefit Sponsored by JohnHart

In this months November Community Corner News there is a very special benefit mentioned. “Clap for a Cause” City of Hope, JohnHart sponsored fundraiser. We hope you will order tickets and have a fun night of laughter for an extremely important and life-saving cause. Read more below.


In 2017 an estimated 72,240 people will have been diagnosed with Lymphoma.
In 2017 an estimated 20,140 people will have died from Lymphoma.
In 2017 we are going to make a difference together.
JohnHart is proud to present Clap For A Cause! Join us on November 11, 2017, as we pull together some amazing comedians, great food, cocktails, and an all-around good time to raise funds for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Department at City of Hope Cancer Research Hospital.
The department is in serious need of funding, and we need your support to help them continue saving lives.
Individual tickets are $99 per person, although additional donations are greatly appreciated to those in need, as every penny makes a difference! Additionally, if you’re interested in becoming a sponsor, with your name or your company logo included on the step & repeat banner and other places throughout the event, please contact us directly at or by calling 818-246-1099.
We thank you for your support, and contribution, and are excited to see you at the event!

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