First Time Home Seller Survey

Understanding Seller Concerns

Have you been overlooked as a "First Time Home Seller"?

I was reading an article the other day about Sellers. More to the point First Time Home Sellers.
What dawned on me about our industry which I have worked for 30+ years: why is the majority of real estate advice addressed to homebuyers?

How many blog posts and articles have you read that claim some variation of "Your home may be your largest financial asset?" First, do agents think that homeowners don't know this? Second, do agents believe this is a home seller's biggest concern? Guess what? In a recent survey getting the home sold "fast and for top dollar" is far down on the list of home seller concerns. Timing how do I move from my house to another when I need the funds from the first house. What are the total costs involved in selling?

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First Time Home Seller Survey

  • On a scale of 1-5 answer the questions based on the amount of concern each topic would most affect you as a first time/home seller. (1 being very concerned and 5 being little to no concern) For topics not covered please use the last field (Other) to communicate any additional concerns.
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  • You can make the sale of your home subject to you finding your home of choice.
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