Home Maintenance is crucial to maintaining top value for your home.

So you spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on your home and now you need to maintain your investment for the future. If you purchased your home a s a fixer upper you already know how difficult and how expensive it is to get those rooms into tip top shape. Whether your home was or is in great shape or you simply want to keep things from deteriorating you need to do monthly or minimally seasonal maintenance on your home. Hiring someone can get quite costly however with some of the recent posts and pins below you may have the opportunity to do some of these on your own. If doing things on your own is out of the question then take advantage of the checklists I post so you can make sure certain items around the home are being taken care of on a regular basis. Home repairs can get away from all of us pretty quickly. An easy way to prevent runaway repairs is to simply walk the exterior of your house once a month and give it a good look up and down. Don't get overwhelmed pick one item you feel is the most important repair and work on this one item first. Set a goal to limit the list to 3 items outside your home this will help with being overwhelmed. Once those items are done then take another walk and make another quick list. Ask for referrals on Facebook if you do not have a handyman. You will be surprised how quickly people are to help and tell you who they really like and sometimes who they do not. Another group to join for online referrals from the neighborhood is Nextdoor. 

Home Maintenance

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