KNX 1070 “On Your Corner” Interview

Today at 8:22 am I will put on my hat as CV Town Council President and go live on the radio with KNX 1070. KNX 1070 has a program called “On Your Corner” where they broadcast live from a specific community. Today they will be broadcasting from the Black Cow in Montrose. Throughout the day listeners will hear from CV Town Council President, Robbyn Battles, yes that is me, the mayor of La Canada, the head of the Sunland Tujunga neighborhood Council as well as several businesses in the area.

Topics they would like to discuss are the issues and the great things about our La Crescenta community. So far as items from CV Town council I will be talking about the ordinance coming up in front of the Board of supervisors to allow crossing guards at a Middle Schools, our recent no parking ban on Big Rigs and the “state of the Community” forum coming up on February 20th..

I hope you have a moment to tune in and hear all of the great interviews throughout the day. Thanks for listening Robbyn Battles