Real Estate is not always just “Real Estate”.

Real Estate is about life, moving, growing, experiencing, and sometimes fun little antidotes that occur in one’s life. Enjoy the monthly letter and I hope you will get to know me, Robbyn Battles more than just the girl that sells homes.

Enjoy my monthly Letters.

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July 2021 Monthly Letter

Dear Reader, This month of July let’s have a discussion about housing, not the current market but “The Future of Housing”. A term now being used by many Legislators. What is causing this push for higher density projects like the proposed 78-units at 3411-3437 Foothill in La Crescenta? Is there a goal to eliminate R1

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April 2021 Letter

April 2021…Hard to believe how fast this year is moving along. Below is this month’s letter containing some tips if you are considering a sale. Love the Springtime so of course, I needed to post a picture of my sweet Dasher in the garden. She is getting better at not eating the flowers. I also

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February 2021 Monthly Letter

This month I am so excited to announce a new project in my February monthly letter. Real Estate allows me to meet all types of people, and it also allows me to connect and share all of my business connections. This month I started a video podcast, “Inspiring Small Business Stories.” A simple premise. One

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January 2021 Monthly Letter

Welcome to January 2021, This month’s letter has some fun anecdotes along with very important information regarding California Proposition 19. Housing for seniors may change if they are hoping to sell and take their property taxes with them. Now anywhere in the State of California. If you are considering a transfer between parent and child

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December 2020 Monthly Letter

What type of holiday traditions do you have? I believe this year we will all be forced to alter our traditions and celebrate in many different ways. One of my favorite Christmas traditions is the La Crescenta Christmas Tree Lighting. The pictures are from this year. I always seem to be up on the ladder.

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November Monthly Letter

Can you believe we are already near the middle of November? This month I wanted to chat about taking care of yourself and having a bit of holiday season fun while being safe. I also wanted to introduce my daughter and her wonderful talent for coloring hair. Enjoy this month’s letter and always remember to

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Monthly Letter September 2020

This months letter has some essential property owner information: With the voting season just around the corner here are a few initiatives regarding housing and taxes you may want to research a bit before you cast your vote: Thre initiatives you’ll want to review in detail. Also, Fall has arrived and A quick update on

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June 2020 Monthly Letter

Welcome to June. This month’s letter had to be light-hearted. Focusing on the positive and inspirational. As I say in the letter I had to give everyone an update on Dasher. She is doing great and has recently been introduced to the Crescenta Valley Dog Park. She is making lots of new friends. I typically

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May 2020 Letter

My May monthly letter. Every little bit helps our local businesses. Check out my preferred vendor list Have a pro you love and refer to, then please send me their info so I can add them to the list. Also a few fun facts about life this month and don’t forget about real estate

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April 2020

Welcome to Spring. This month with all the Stay at Home orders in place I’m sure this will be a month we never forget. My hope is with my letter you find a little bit of laughter and a bit of good information to help you or your family. Please stay safe and enjoy my

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