Real Estate is not always just “Real Estate”.

Real Estate is about life, moving, growing, experiencing and sometimes fun little antidotes that occur in one’s life. Enjoy the monthly letter and I hope you will get to know me, Robbyn Battles more than just the girl that sells homes.

Enjoy my monthly Letters.

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February 2020

And I am off there is so much to talk about. This month’s letter I talk about an amazing young lady running for school board. You may or may not be in her district but the real point of the letter was to highlight what our younger generation is doing to participate in positive change.

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January 2020

This month it was fun to introduce the New Year and a very special dog named Lamar. I have so much fun writing these letters and providing you with little tips and community events at the bottom of the page. If you ever have any questions or comments, please be sure to call or email.

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