Robbyn Battles Joins JohnHart Real Estate

It’s always scary to make a move. It’s a huge leap of faith. A leap I have taken twice in the last year. However, I can say with all my heart, soul and mind this is truly the fit I have been looking for, JohnHart-“Real Estate Redefined”. I have gone from running my own Company for 28 years to spending a moment with a large corporate firm. After these two experiences, I felt there had to be a perfect fit somewhere in between. After all of these years selling real estate in the Foothills of La Crescenta, La-Canada-Flintridge and the wonderful neighborhoods that run across our Foothill communities I wanted a balance. Not just a balance between family and work, I truly believe I have that. What I did not have was the balance between doing everything at work from marketing, paperwork, etc. to simply being focused on the client. I also could not find the balance needed to continue donating my time to projects in the community.  With JohnHart, I now feel I will have the balance to have and do it all, and truly enjoy every part.

When I joined JohnHart I was welcomed with messages that said over and over again “welcome to the family”. I married into a large, loud, opinionated and funny Italian family. They all sit around the table and laugh and talk for hours, probably 7 conversations at once, yep better keep up. It almost goes without saying my side of the family is the same way. I now feel as if I have a third family, someone who has your back, loves to laugh, pushes you to succeed and helps you keep the balance you strive to achieve.

I want to say Thank You JohnHart… Harout, John, Henrik and the entire team.
Thank you for inviting me to have a seat at your family table.

Robbyn Battles

P.S Look at that the first sign up “Coming Soon” with many more in the future.