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SOLD By Robbyn Robbyn Battles has been selling real estate for over 30+ years. Robbyn works any neighborhood regardless of the size price or condition. Every home has a purpose and a reason to be sold and bought. Situations are simple and sometimes complicated. Years of experience is what helps buyers and seller make the best decisions
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Thank You

This year has been a wonderful year for my business as well as my personal life. I simply wanted to take a moment and say thank you for so much support and encouragement as well as the trust from my clients, friends, family and business associates. Helpful Hints about the Roses and Tulips. Did you
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LA County Tax Assessor Be the first to know.. Sign-up for Robbyn's weekly sneak peek emails. Sign-up or Learn more Sneak Peek Sign-up Did you know Zillow home estimates can be off sometimes by 20%. Request a professional oppinion. Home Value L.A. COUNTY PROPERTY VALUES GROW RECORD $94 BILLION TO $1.6 TRILLION ALL-TIME HIGH; L.A. CITY REACHES $653 BILLION
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Year of the House Seller Interview

What really goes through the mind of a Seller? I sat down with Krista and asked her what it's like to place her home on the market and what she as a seller goes through to make the decision not only to sell but to choose an agent. Krista and her husband raised their family

Year of the House Staging

Your home is beautiful, so why then would I ask you to stage your home? Homes are very very personal. Over 30 years in this business I have seen stunning homes, new homes, and homes that I am not quite sure how they are still standing. That being said no matter what the condition every

Year of the House Pets

"Don't pet the pig," this is what an agent tells me when I request an appointment to show a property. "Don't try to pet the cat she will attack," are the comments in the agent showing instructions. "Are you ok with dogs?" is a common question from property owners when their home is on the market.

Year of the House Seller Overwhelm

What if your house almost burned to the ground? Has there ever been a time when you had no idea where to start a project? It could have been something as mundane as cleaning out a closet. You know that feeling when you just stand in front of the fridge and stare as if that
Episode 1

Year of the House Episode 1

Episode 1 | Year of the House | Robbyn Battles talks all about your front entrance. Simple changes you can make to create a better first impression. In addition, I want to hear from you who you are fans of so far as contractors and trades that you like and refer. Why would I want
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Year of the House Intro

Welcome to Robbyn Battles new series. Year of the House. Robbyn has been selling real estate for over 30 years. One of the most common questions potential clients ask her is, “will you please come over and tell me what I need to do to get my house ready for the market”. After the house