Year of the House Episode 1

Episode 1 | Year of the House | Robbyn Battles talks all about your front entrance. Simple changes you can make to create a better first impression. In addition, I want to hear from you who you are fans of so far as contractors and trades that you like and refer. Why would I want this? I want to make they get added to my Preferred Vendor list. The preferred vendor, check it out Robbyn’s Preferred Vendor List is accessible to you 24/7 from my website. And like any list, you want to recommend the best and you want to offer a good variety so please help me add to the list. Every episode I’ll be asking who do you know.

Thinking of selling? Maybe its sooner or maybe its later but we definitely want you prepared and we want you to enjoy the improvements along the way. So if you want some expert advice on prepping your house give me a call or send me an email so we can connect.

In this first episode, we are focused on your front entry and simple ways you can make a better first impression without spending lots of money and or spending just a little. Great tips whether you are staying long term or selling.

Next episode will air on February 12 | Overwhelm  | Right here on We will talk about overwhelm.  How to get organized and how to address the clutter and disorganization that stops so many.

Enjoy our first episode: Your front Entrance | Your First Impression