Year of the House Pets

EP : 3 | Buyer, Sellers & Pets

"Don't pet the pig," this is what an agent tells me when I request an appointment to show a property. "Don't try to pet the cat she will attack," are the comments in the agent showing instructions. "Are you ok with dogs?" is a common question from property owners when their home is on the market.

I have been an agent for over 30 years and in addition to that I am crazy about almost every animal...some just scare me. In my family, we have 3 dogs and a horse, so I will say this when an owner has dogs, cats pretty much any animal it really does not phase me, BUT this is not the case with buyers.

In episode 3,  "Year of the House," I will discuss some solutions to keep your pets safe, allow your home to more easily be shown to buyers and get you and your pets on to your next destination, your new home.

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Buyers, Sellers and Pets in your Home

“The difference between friends and pets is that friends we allow into
our company, pets we allow into our solitude.”
 ― Robert Brault


A Better Plan for Pets

Dogs running to the front door and then jumping all over you is a beautiful greeting for the owner but not the best greeting to a potential buyer if you're selling your home here are a few ideas for keeping your dogs away from your potential buyers.

  • Take them out for a walk.
  • Have pre-scheduled days for showings so the pets cannot be on-site.
  •  Place a picture of the room on the door and leave your pet inside that particular room.
  • Consider a pet day-care
  • Care for your pet during a showing away from the buyers

Other things to take into consideration; Buyers can be afraid of animals and or allergic and the pet can be a distraction. As pet owners, there are certain pet qualities one becomes accustomed too; cat boxes, dog hair, pig...., certain smells upkeep in the backyard. Try not to cover up odors with scented candles, most of the time this adds another layer of scent. Did you know buyers have made a decision not to purchase a home because of the way home smells? A better solution, crack the windows open, turn on the fan setting if you have central air. Merely get the air moving through your home.

If you have an animal that could bite, scratch or act out toward a stranger, please do not leave this action to chance as it could harm a buyer or a child. Always discuss a solution before placing your home on the market.

In the end, we will work together to address all the needs of your pets before placing your home on the market. Planning will help keep your pets safe and get your home sold.

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