Year of the House Seller Overwhelm

EP : 2 | Seller Overwhelm?

What if your house almost burned to the ground? Has there ever been a time when you had no idea where to start a project? It could have been something as mundane as cleaning out a closet. You know that feeling when you just stand in front of the fridge and stare as if that is going to make what you want to eat magically appear.

Well, sometimes these are the same feelings sellers have when they are getting ready to sell their home. How is that possible?  Well just think about your garage for most it is the depository for all that is your life as you run in and out of your house. Now imagine I need to clean that out as well as 10, 15 maybe even 50 years worth of life inside your home. Where would you start? What if your house almost burned to the ground like the sellers home in this video. View other episodes Year of the House TV

Preparing Your House to Sell, How to Avoid Overwhelm

"Before anything else, preparation is the key to success."  Alexander Grahm Bell.


Prepare & Plan

Most people like to know what is going to happen as well as when it is going to happen. To be successful at selling your home and for that matter anything the better one has prepared, the more successful they are going to be. Putting a step by step plan together is a must for every seller. I am not talking about marketing I am talking about helping sellers overcome the concerns they have just getting their home ready. Actually putting a calendar of events to help sellers get on track and stay on track with getting their house ready to sell.

For example, people that have lived in their home for years have accumulated many items and had no idea how to sort, purge and store all of their possessions. Sometimes the plan is to work room by room, other times it is merely setting up trades to help move, repair and store items throughout the house.
Every seller's circumstances are different. Every plan Robbyn prepares for sellers is explicitly designed to the sellers' situation. Lastly, no matter if you are selling now or in the future having someone by your side to help you organize and prepare is a significant first step to a comfortable and straightforward sale in the future.

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