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Welcome to September. This month I have a little water saving hack to share with you. The hack involves your air conditioner and a rain barrel. Best of all the water for your garden is FREE. Check out my little video. Robbyn’s water-saving hack.

On September 11, Patriot Day gives all of us time to reflect on the devastating terror attacks that took nearly 3,000 lives. We commemorate those we lost and thank the brave first responders who put their lives on the line.

Most of the affordable housing conversation skews toward the younger sector of those struggling with affordability. However, we rarely hear about senior citizens’ lack of affordable housing. According to Jennifer Molinsky, Project Director, Housing an Aging Society Program, by 2035, the Census Bureau projects that the population of 80 and over will grow to nearly 24 million, fully doubling from 2016. Many of these older adults will live alone and on limited incomes, and many will have mobility and other health challenges. Read her entire article.

The outdoor water ban. Tips to protect your landscaping and what cities are affected by the 15-day no outdoor water ban. It’s certainly not going to be pretty by September 20. Please do your best to conserve and comply. Millions of Metropolitan Water District customers in the Los Angeles area are being called on to eliminate all outdoor watering for 15 days while a pipeline is repaired between September 6-20th. The following link includes tips to protect your landscaping, a map of the non-water ban areas, and additional information. Outdoor water ban details.

Did you hear about the two lawyers? Over a decade ago, two St. Louis lawyers created an innovative model using an obscure federal tax credits program to finance affordable housing for sale. They collaborated with the city’s Habitat for Humanity nonprofit to initially build more than 67 houses and, over the next decade, shepherded $18.3 million in tax credits investments to build a total of 103 affordable homes across the city. Through their corporation, they have guided nonprofit community development entities nationwide to use nearly $500 million in New Markets Tax Credits to build more than 4,200 for-sale affordable homes in about 30 other cities, including Atlanta, Charlotte, Newark, Baltimore, Santa Fe, N.M., Pittsburgh, and Memphis. Perhaps this is something we could do here in LA County? Here is the entire article, a model for neighborhood renewal.

A brief look at our local real estate market. If you are a potential seller, jump into the market buyers are plentiful. Rates have not scared the buyers away. What should sellers prepare for? First, have an honest and very strategic conversation about pricing. Next, gather your patience as market time is increasing. Finally, consider agents with lengthy experience. Our current market is nothing new, but knowing how to navigate the changes will be easier for you by partnering with someone who’s been in the trenches for some time now.

A few of my latest closed sales:
5715 Canyonside Rd. La Crescenta
3955 Santa Carlotta Ave., La crescenta

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