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June 2024 Monthly Postcard

Dear Neighbors, Welcome to my June Monthly postcard content. Feeling overwhelmed with the idea of selling your home where you've lived for years, surrounded by a lifetime of memories? I’m here not just to assist but to understand and empathi...

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2912 Henrietta La Crescenta

Welcome to 2912 Henrietta La Crescenta, a charming residence in the heart of La Crescenta, California. This blog post delves into the intricacies of listing and selling a property, using the beautiful home at 2912 Henrietta as a prime example. ...

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Anatomy of a Listing

Welcome to "Anatomy of a Listing": Not Just Listed, but How it Was Listed." I'm Robbyn Battles, and I'm not just your real estate agent -"I'm more than just your real estate agent—I am your Real Estate Consultant. This distinction is crucial ...

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