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Dear Neighbors, Welcome to my June Monthly postcard content.
Feeling overwhelmed with the idea of selling your home where you’ve lived for years, surrounded by a lifetime of memories? I’m here not just to assist but to understand and empathize with your situation. We’ll create a detailed, customized plan that respects your pace and addresses your specific concerns. My approach is not just about selling a house—it’s about easing your transition, providing clear steps, and offering support through my dedicated team, ensuring every aspect of listing your home for sale is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Anatomy of a Listing: Below are a few key steps for each listing to ensure each property and client is uniquely prepared for the market. I’m breaking down a few of the unique steps used to get these listings market-ready:

2916 Henrietta Ave, La Crescenta

  • Educating the Seller: We spent about 4 weeks exploring the key areas where they want to buy. This allowed them to feel comfortable that they would find another home once their home is in escrow.
  • Watching the Market: The week before hitting the market, we review market activity to ensure our list price is not too low or too high. We adjust if necessary.
  • Review our shared calendar: Clear communication so we all stay on the same page.

1807 Alpha Road, Glendale

  • First Time Home Seller: Meeting to discuss the process and his plans to move.
  • Repairs and Upgrades: Recommended pre-home inspection and several minor clean-up items to prepare the home.
  • Delay due to availability: The original timeline we decided on to place the home on the market had to be reset due to a delay in the home he was purchasing.

4804 Dunsmore Ave, La Crescenta

  • Planning Calendar: Moving out of a home they have owned for 30 years requires planning and, at the sellers’ request, a little prodding to stay on task. To hit their target move-out date, a shared task calendar was created.
  • Staging: This seller was moving out of the home. A large empty house is not always the best way to get top dollar for a home. Staging allows buyers to have a better vision of themselves living in the home. I am not a fan of virtual staging.
  • Resources: Working as a team, clients rely on me for quick, reliable access to help them get their homes ready for the market.

Stay tuned for two more La Crescenta listings coming soon: a 2000 sq ft fixer-upper and a charming 3-bedroom pool property, 3 bedroom in Tujunga, and a Duplex in Montrose.. Call me for more details! 818-388-1631.

All of the listings above started with a conversation. As you can see, each person’s needs and plans are different. When you are ready to start your conversation about selling your home, I am a simple phone call or email away.

Best regards,

Robbyn Battles


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