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Cursive writing mandatory in Claifornia schools

In a world rapidly embracing digital technology, California has taken a distinct step by enacting a law that ensures students are taught the art of cursive writing. Governor Gavin Newsom signed Assembly Bill 446 into law, thereby mandating the ...

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Californias Education Reform

Navigating California's Education Reform: What You Need to Know California's education system is at a pivotal moment, facing a myriad of challenges ranging from teacher shortages to the need for ...

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The Parents Right to Know

Public Schools, Parents, and Legislation in California The relationship between public schools and parents has become a topic of considerable debate in the ever-evolving education landscape. Parents rightly question why schools feel they hav...

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Proposed Educational Legislation

The correlation between school rankings and property values highlights the crucial involvement of homeowners in educational discussions, regardless of having school-aged children. Proposition 39, enacted in 2000, reduced the required majority f...

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