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As a real estate professional, it’s always a privilege to be referred by satisfied clients. This was the case with the owner of 3611 Las Palmas Ave., a charming residence in the sought-after Sparr Heights community of North Glendale, California. The owner chose my services for a comprehensive approach that extended beyond just selling the home. Understanding her unique needs, particularly after living in the home for over 40 years, my plan included assisting her in finding a rental post-sale, negotiating a rent-back agreement to allow ample time for relocation, and minimizing the stress associated with property upkeep and necessary upgrades in an older home.

“Anatomy of a Sold” 3611 Las Palmas Ave.
An intimate narration of the emotional and practical aspects of the home sale of 2611 Las Palmas Ave. Picture yourself walking in the shoes of those who have been through this journey: wrestling with decisions on the right listing price, the excitement of a successful open house, the intricate dance of negotiations, and the euphoria of a final sale. This story is about the human side of real estate from Listing through Closing.

Preparing the House for the Market

The preparation phase for selling a home is crucial. 3611 Las Palmas Ave. took two weeks of meticulous planning and execution. This involved the owner decluttering and organizing the space while I focused on creating eye-catching areas in the house for better visual appeal in online and print marketing. Additionally, I opted for a unique marketing strategy by creating a community video highlighting the neighborhood’s allure rather than solely focusing on the property.

The House Hits the Market

Upon entering the market, the home faced little competition, with only two other listings in the community, both significantly larger. This strategic advantage allowed us to price the property slightly higher. The open house marked the beginning of showings, and within just three days, multiple offers were received. We took our time responding to these offers to ensure serious buyers could view the home and make an informed decision.

Offers and Decision Making

The offers for 3611 Las Palmas Ave. were impressive, exceeding the asking price. I always encourage buyers to include personal letters with their offers, as selling a home is an emotional journey, especially for sellers deeply connected to their homes and communities. The decision was challenging due to the compelling stories and offers received. Ultimately, an all-cash offer was accepted, with appraisal and inspection contingencies favoring the seller’s position. The escrow period was set at 11 days, with a 90-day possession period post-sale, a significant advantage over the typical 60-day period offered in owner-occupied loans.

The Closing

The closing process for 3611 Las Palmas Ave. was a rapid 11-day escrow, a testament to the preparedness of both parties. The process was seamless, with all disclosures, preliminary title reports, and mandatory reports ready. The buyer, equally prepared, conducted seven inspections without any subsequent repair requests. The escrow was executed flawlessly, marking a successful sale for both the seller and the buyer.

Looking Ahead

The journey doesn’t end with the sale. My next task is to assist the seller in finding a new rental home that offers charm, light-filled rooms, and is pet-friendly for her dog and cat. This comprehensive approach to real estate ensures that clients are supported throughout the entire transition, reaffirming my commitment to exceptional service.

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