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Home of the famous Brand Boulevard, Dreamworks Animation, The Walt Disney Company, and the birthplace of Ben and Jerry’s 32 ice cream flavors – these are the established brands, landmarks, and corporate titans that have become synonymous with the City of Glendale in Los Angeles County, California. While Glendale has established itself as an epicenter of commerce and American pop culture in the Golden State, it is also known as a highly sought-after real estate boomtown. With the vast number of amenities and career opportunities here, plus its proximity to some of the country’s major business and entertainment districts, Glendale is constantly on the radar of home seekers wanting a piece of the California dream. Considering putting down roots in Glendale, CA? Below, you’ll learn about the many facets of this exciting city, from homes for sale in the area to the kind of lifestyle you can expect when living here.


Glendale Nestled in the southeastern end of the San Fernando Valley, Glendale, CA gives its residents panoramic views of the Verdugo Mountains, a verdant oasis amid the urban din of Los Angeles County. 2022 estimates by the U.S. Census place Glendale’s population at more than 189,000. The city is located just eight minutes away from Burbank, 10 minutes away from Downtown Los Angeles, and 17 minutes from Pasadena.


The Tongva, also known as the Gabrielino people, were the first inhabitants of the Los Angeles Basin which encompasses Glendale. These people were skilled in fishing and concocting local medicinal herbs and plants. The Spanish and Mexicans soon arrived and took over the Native Americans’ territories in the area. In 1798, Corporal Jose Maria Berdugo established Rancho San Rafael, which included large swaths of land that now include Glendale, Burbank, Eagle Rock, and Highland Park. By 1871, this massive ranch was partitioned into smaller parcels of land, giving rise to the original 150-acre townsite of Glendale. By 1887, the Town of Glendale had been established. It was incorporated into a city by 1906. The construction and eventual operation in the early 1900s of the Pacific Electric Railroad, which connected Glendale to Los Angeles, was the milestone that led to Glendale’s growth, not just in terms of population but also in terms of land area. This occurred via a series of annexations that involved incorporating ranches and several wildernesses into the main town. Today, the City of Glendale is divided into 34 neighborhoods, each with its own history and special charm. From its agricultural roots, the city was transformed into a dynamic and progressive city where industries in retail, service, finance, manufacturing, and of course, film-making thrive.

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Glendale has a lot of things that set it apart from nearby cities like Burbank. Aside from serving as the headquarters of some of the biggest animation companies in the world, it’s also where you’ll find Brand Boulevard, the city’s main commercial highway that runs through the center of town. You can find everything here, from high-end luxury shops to awesome restaurants and local businesses. The city is also known for its rich history and art scene. One notable historic attraction is Casa Adobe de San Rafael, which was built in 1871 and is now a museum. It was once the residence of the first sheriff of Los Angeles County. Forest Lawn Memorial Park, meanwhile, is a cemetery like no other as it is filled with gorgeous and elaborate sculptures, shrines, and works of art – much like an outdoor museum.


Night view Glendale It’s interesting to note that a large number of Glendale’s residents are composed of young career starters with bachelor’s degrees or higher. Many of these people are renting apartments in the city as they have only begun building their respective careers and asset portfolios. That said, home renters are significantly higher than homeowners in Glendale. Those who have gained more financial muscle opt for the recently built condo complexes packed with amenities that allow them to enjoy a more active lifestyle and socialize with other young people. Prices of homes for sale in Glendale, CA have generally been moving on a gentle upward slope in the past three years with the occasional dips and spikes, the latest of which involved the restiveness brought on by higher inflation rates and fears of an economic slowdown. But one thing consistent about the Glendale, CA real estate market is the strong demand for houses for sale here, coupled with a scarce housing inventory, that has given sellers the upper hand. This highly competitive market sees multiple offers, bidding wars, and homes staying in the market for only a month before getting snagged by eager buyers.

Homes in Glendale, CA

You’ll find a wide variety of property types for sale in Glendale, CA.’s listings show the most common ones to be single-family homes, followed by condominiums and multi-family residences (e.g., apartments, duplexes, triplexes). Other available properties in Glendale include vacant lots and townhomes. Some of the most common architectural styles among homes for sale in Glendale, CA include Contemporary, Mediterranean, Farmhouse, Spanish, and Craftsman styles. Aside from the Contemporary style, Mediterranean and Spanish-style homes are quite common because of the area’s history and rich cultural heritage. The warm, mild weather of Glendale, CA can be better appreciated with large windows, seamless open floor plans, and blended indoor and outdoor living spaces, which are primary characteristics of Mediterranean and Spanish-style homes. Long, covered porches inspired by the Farmhouse style are also a common exterior feature of homes in the area. Glendale’s terrain includes pockets of woodlands, and much of the city’s prime real estate is located near these areas. Homes here are blessed with picture-perfect views of the Valley, as well as easy access to nature trails where residents can go biking, hiking, and even horseback riding. The average home for sale in Glendale, CA has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. Central heating and air conditioning, fireplaces, patios, and laundry rooms are fairly common features found in these homes. In more luxurious homes, you may see wine cellars, dedicated gyms and gaming rooms, attics, breakfast nooks, and cocktail bars. Many of these homes may also have swimming pools, hot tubs, walk-in closets, a separate tool shed, and multiple-car garages.

Popular neighborhoods

As mentioned earlier, each of Glendale, CA’s neighborhoods possesses its own charm. Below are some of the most popular ones in the city, as well as their defining characteristics.GLENOAKS CANYON A neighborhood situated on hilly terrain on the southeastern side of Glendale, Glenoaks Canyon is the epitome of serenity with its tree-lined streets, lovely natural setting, and single-family homes in various sizes and styles. It has its own library and park, as well as several terrific local dining and shopping options. Residents who crave outdoor adventures can hike on the 2.1-mile Glenoaks Canyon Loop which offers great vistas of the mountainside. Meanwhile, both golf pros and newbies can enjoy tee time and wonderful mountain scenery at Scholl Canyon Golf & Tennis Club.VERDUGO WOODLANDS You’ll find this neighborhood to the northeast of Downtown Glendale. Locals here are friendly and welcoming, new residents will immediately feel right at home. The residents themselves look after each other, resulting in a low crime rate and the feeling of being safe in one’s community. The Glendale Sports Complex, which has several fields for soccer and baseball, as well as two mountain trailheads, is nearby. Its proximity to the downtown area gives residents easy access to every amenity and attraction this urban hotspot offers.SPARR HEIGHTS places this lovely neighborhood at the fourth spot among the Best Neighborhoods to Live in Glendale and the fifth spot among the Best Neighborhoods to Raise a Family in Glendale. This family-friendly community is near several schools and exudes a warm suburban feel. However, it’s not lagging in terms of community amenities as it has its own set of dining and shopping establishments. Moreover, it’s right in the midst of several highways and public transportation routes. These open up even more options for shopping, dining, and recreation beyond the neighborhood’s borders.EL MIRADERO If you want stunning views of the San Fernando Valley and the Los Angeles skyline from the comfort of your home, El Miradero is the Glendale neighborhood for you. Located higher up in the Verdugo Mountains, this community boasts an abundance of sprawling luxury homes and a nice family-friendly feel. Despite its distinct elevation, it remains close to the conveniences of the downtown area of Glendale and Los Angeles.VINEYARD More diverse and located on the southwestern side of Downtown Glendale, Vineyard puts you right in the middle of all the action. It’s also a preferred home location among young professionals in the city, according to, due to its high walkability. Living here, you’ll find yourself within a stone’s throw away of the city’s finest shops, restaurants, and other wonderful attractions.


Glendale Glendale offers a good mix of suburban and urban vibes. In general, residents see the city as a good place to live because of the mild climate, good quality of life, and job opportunities available within the city. Here’s everything you need to know about living in Glendale, CA.


According to the 2021 US Census, the average commute time in Glendale, CA is less than 30 minutes, which is quite reasonable for a Southern California city. Glendale is considered a walker’s paradise with many transportation options, according to The said website gave it an impressive walk score of 98 as residents could easily do their daily errands on foot. But if they need a faster mode of transportation with a wider reach, they could make their rounds on a bike. For commuting in and out of the city, there’s Metrolink which connects Glendale to Downtown L.A. and Hollywood Burbank Airport. For people traveling out of the state or country, Los Angeles International Airport is around 27 miles southwest via I-110 and I-105 with a travel time of approximately 30 to 35 minutes depending on the day, time, and traffic conditions.

Quality of life

A wonderful Mediterranean climate, a robust economy, and diverse career options all contribute to the excellent quality of life enjoyed by Glendale, CA’s residents. While the cost of living in Glendale, CA is generally higher than that of the state and the country in general, they get this beautiful package of benefits in return. The climate in Glendale, CA is mild and sunny all year round, with a comfort index of 9.5 in summer and 8.7 in winter. From October to December, however, the city braces for the Santa Ana winds that sweep through most of SoCal during this time, bringing warm winds of up to 70 mph and low humidity. The local economy and job market in Glendale are thriving with the city seeing positive job growth year-on-year. Major industries that are contributing to Glendale’s and its residents’ sustained growth include medicine, education, local government, manufacturing, and animation. Among the city’s biggest employers are Adventist Health Glendale, the Glendale Unified School District (GUSD), Dreamworks Animation, Glenair Inc., and Nestlé.


Public schools in Glendale, CA fall under GUSD, the third largest school district in Los Angeles County which serves over 25,000 students. some of its top-rated schools include:ELEMENTARY
  • Mountain Avenue Elementary School
  • Mark Keppel Elementary School
  • Wilson Middle School
  • Rosemont Middle School
  • Toll Middle School
  • Anderson W. Clark Magnet High School
  • Crescenta Valley High School
  • Herbert Hoover High School
You’ll also find several good private schools in and around Glendale like
  • Chamlian Armenian School
  • Glendale Adventist Academy
  • Holy Family High School
  • Flintridge Preparatory School
  • Harvard-Westlake
There are also specialized programs for students with special needs, as well as language immersion programs, early college academies, and career and technical education pathways. As for higher education, there’s Glendale Community College.

Dining and shopping

Glendale The two primary shopping hubs in Glendale, CA are Glendale Galleria and The Americana at Brand. The third-largest mall in Los Angeles County, Glendale Galleria is an institution in its own right, having served shoppers from Glendale and other nearby areas since 1976. It continues to be a local retail favorite, with stores like American Eagle, Target, Macy’s, and Uniqlo. Meanwhile, The Americana At Brand is a more recent addition to the Glendale retail scene. It’s part of a 1 million-square-foot mixed-use property located right across the street from Galleria. Apart from being home to upscale brands like Kate Spade and Tiffany & Co., a bevy of dining options, a posh movie theater, and a park, the property also includes a 100-unit condominium community called Excelsior at Americana at Brand. As for local dining options, you’ll want to include these in your Glendale food crawl:
  • Cafe Corner Bistro. This restaurant located along San Fernando Road serves wonderful comfort food from breakfast to dinner.
  • Damon’s.A local favorite for your choice of proteins since 1937. It’s located along Brand Boulevard.
  • Try out the famous pinsa pizzas at La Bella Pinseria Romana on Central Avenue.

Attractions and entertainment

Glendale residents need not go far to have a good time. The city already has its own roster of great places to visit and explore. Listed below are some recommendations:
  1. MOONLIGHT ROLLERWAYThis skating rink has a colorful past, having been constructed around the 1940s and serving as a manufacturing facility for airplane parts during World War II. When the war ended, the building was turned into the skating rink that it is now. It retains almost the same look it had more than 60 years ago as a fitting tribute to the era but with some modern enhancements like an in-house DJ for the music. It’s also a favorite venue for parties and special events.
  2. CATALINA VERDUGO ADOBEBuilt in 1828, this was part of the original buildings on the Rancho San Rafael, making it the oldest-standing building in Glendale. It is also on the city’s and the state’s respective historical registers. The Catalina Verdugo Adobe is home to the Oak of Peace. On this site, American and Mexican armies met in 1847 to discuss the terms of peace that led to the cessation of hostilities in the Mexican-American War.
  3. BRAND LIBRARY & ARTS CENTERGlendale This isn’t your ordinary public library. Apart from being a repository of volumes of books, Brand Library & Art Center is also an art gallery and a venue for learning and appreciating music. Visitors can participate in art discussions, take part in the library’s innovative programs, or watch various SoCal dance groups perform.

Outdoor recreation

Looking for a healthy and active way to spend your free time in Glendale, CA? Here are some things that should prepare you to fully enjoy Glendale’s local outdoor scene:
  1. PARKSThe Glendale City Community Services & Parks operates and maintains around 50 parks, historical sites, and community facilities throughout the city. On average, 500,000 guests visit these facilities every year. The Catalina Verdugo Adobe is just one site managed by the city. There’s also the Emerald Isle Parkat Leonore Drive, the Glendale Heritage Garden, Dunsmore Park, Pacific Park & Community Center, and Central Park. Some of these public spaces have amenities like picnic tables, barbecue areas, and children’s playgrounds.
  2. SPORTS AND MOUNTAINEERINGAs mentioned earlier, the Glendale Sports Complex is the largest public sports facility in Glendale, CA and your best venue for various sports like softball, soccer, and baseball. It’s also near the trails that snake through the Verdugo Mountains, giving you even more options for keeping fit and active. The said trails are good for hiking, biking, and horseback riding. If you’re up for an adventure, visit the Verdugo Mountains Open Space Preserve, a 244-acre wooded area where you can explore several nature trails with varying degrees of difficulty. Here, you can marvel at the amazing variety of flora and fauna, as well as outstanding views of the Valley and Los Angeles.
  3. GOLFScholl Canyon Golf Course & Tennis Club in Glenoaks Canyon is the most notable in Glendale, given its remarkable 18-hole mid-range golf course designed by William P. Bell. Griffith Park, for its part, has three municipal golf courses, as well as a 53-mile trail network for hikers and equestrians.


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