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Robbyn’s top three picks for the 15 are below.
#1 Moody and Cozy Rooms: Why well, to be honest, I have a room designed almost exactly like the one highlighted as #3 on the list of 15.
#2 Dimensional Textures: Why I just thought the hanging light fixtures were the coolest, plus the combination of all the textures are fabulous.
#3 Mixed materials in Furniture: Why I have always thought a room comes together better when everything is not all perfectly matched.

Now it’s your turn. What are some of your favorites from the trends below?

Steal some ideas for your next home decorating project.

Teal Living Room by Clara Jung
Christopher Stark

Following design trends can be a tricky balance. Sure, you probably want to update your space to look like it belongs in the 21st century, but you also probably don’t want to go all in on every trend since many don’t have a long shelf life. Some design motifs and styles have stood the test of time, while others are long forgotten. Plus, who knows how you might feel in a year or so about the trend? So decking your space out entirely in the latest design “it” thing might not be the most sustainable or budget-friendly.

Our advice? Identify the trends that fit your personal style and incorporate it into your space, don’t let it take over your space. Paint some walls or add some objets. Or get a new accent chair or headboard. Adding some trendy touches here and there is a lot easier than doing a complete overhaul.

And let’s not forget that the beauty of design is that it’s all personal—meaning you should decorate your space the way you want to and not the way that someone tells you to. “Let’s hope judgement goes away in 2023 and everyone really just embraces all design styles and can appreciate that everyone is different and loves what they love,” says Shaolin Low, owner and principal designer of Studio Shaolin. “It’s less about what is in/out and more about what speaks to you and inspires you.”

How to Paint a Wall with Limewash
Add richness, depth, and dimension to a room with this limewash wall paint technique.
If you’re thinking of doing some updating, upgrading, or redecorating in the new year, we polled designers from the West for the design trend predictions that you need to know about in 2023. Take a look at what they had to say below and see which ones might fit in with your existing decor.
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