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Taking a closer look at the market activity for the month of February. 

La Crescenta:
Closed sales for La Crescenta were precisely the same. So why the dramatic difference in the sale price?  In La Crescenta, the type of property selling was more significant in 2022, and the list price was higher. So don't read too much into the dramatic difference in the closing price.
Review the properties used for the February 2023 Statistics. 
2023 La Crescenta February Activity
2022 La Crescenta February Sold Properties


La Canada- Flintridge:
La Canada has a bit of a different story. Sales for the month are more than double for 2023 vs. 2022 in the month of February. So why the dramatic price drop? Once again, more lower-priced homes were on the market this year than last. Naturally, since this is La Canada, they are quickly snapped up.
2023 La Canada-Flintridge February Activity
2022 La Canada-Flintridge Sold Properties

The overwhelming difference in Sunland Tujunga is the number of homes sold in February 2022, twenty compared to nine this year. You'll see there is not a significant drop in the sale prices. What sellers need to understand is inventory is extremely low. 
2023 Sunland-Tujunga February Activity
2022 Sunland-Tujunga Sold Properties

In conclusion, the takeaways for the market right now. The housing market is in an extreme drought. There are plenty of customers that want to buy we just ned the inventory. Don't be shy. The prices are not dropping. As a seller, you are in good hands with this market. If this has inspired you to consider selling, let's have a conversation and see what the strategy would be to get your home sold.

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