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I’m Robbyn Battles, a listing agent with over 35 years of experience. My career has shown me that timing and planning are everything in real estate. One day, a client was selling a beautiful three-bedroom house nestled in the heart of a picturesque neighborhood. The Buyer seemed enthusiastic, and both parties were eager to close the deal. But, like any real estate journey, not everything went as planned.

The Buyer backed out within a few days of going under contract, and the property fell out of escrow. It was a disappointing setback for my client, who had already moved. Their number one question is, What do we do now?

At that moment, my years of experience allowed me to reach into my book of plans. Panic and stress are never an option. “Recovery” is the plan of choice. I understand that the longer a property lingers off the market, the greater the chance of it losing traction. As a listing agent, acting swiftly and methodically to ensure the property is not tainted in the eyes of the new prospective buyers is of utmost importance.

First, I knew we had to relaunch strategically, starting with the price. If a price adjustment was necessary, it had to be done immediately, not after a week or so of coming back on the market. Delaying a price change could send the wrong message, raising doubts about the home’s condition when there weren’t any real issues.

I’m particular about the day and time a property goes back on the market. If you understand buyers’ psychology and market patterns, you can see that even minor details make a difference. We relaunch on a Wednesday afternoon for this property, knowing buyers often begin their searches mid-week to plan for weekend viewings. With this timing, I wanted to create a sense of urgency and position the home perfectly for prospective buyers.

Meanwhile, I had a frank discussion with the seller about resolving any objections or issues that might have surfaced. If the Buyer walked away due to an inspection report, we couldn’t let it taint the new relaunch. I instructed the Buyer’s agent not to send over the reports. When I receive any report, I must provide it to the next Buyer. The lack of an actual report does not relieve me from revealing issues that may arise during conversations. Instead, I advised the seller to address the likely concerns, ensuring potential objections were resolved before the property returned to the market.

As we prepared to relaunch, I considered the importance of the listing’s appearance. I refreshed the photos, updated the comments, and crafted a media campaign to give the property a new look and feel. The goal was to make it appear like the home had just hit the market for the first time, avoiding any stigma from the previous deal falling through.

Market time was another factor. In a strong seller’s market like ours, every additional day on the market can be harmful. Buyers might assume the property was priced too high or had hidden problems. That’s why it was crucial to manage the listing time efficiently. By relaunching swiftly and strategically, the property could regain its appeal as a new opportunity.

With everything in place, we relisted the property with renewed vigor. Our efforts paid off: a new, more serious buyer quickly emerged.

In real estate, some deals will inevitably fall through. But that doesn’t mean the end of the road. I firmly believe in having a plan for every scenario and maintaining strong communication. With the right experience, a clear strategy, and a proactive approach, setbacks can be transformed.

My name is Robbyn Battles. My role is to guide my clients through these setbacks, maintain open communication, and explain what went wrong and how we can pivot successfully.

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