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 Glendale 91208 April Market at a Glance. Keeping abreast of the latest market activity is crucial for anyone involved in the real estate market, particularly in dynamic regions like Glendale’s 91208 ZIP code. Understanding market trends can help buyers pinpoint the perfect timing for making an offer. On the other hand, sellers can optimize the listing price and strategy to ensure a swift sale. Homeowners looking to refinance or invest further can benefit significantly from up-to-date market insights.

April 2024 Market Statistics

  • Current Active Listings: 15 – Reflects the number of properties available for sale.
  • Median Listing Price: $1,577,499 – Indicates the central price point of listed homes, helping gauge current housing values.
  • Median List Price per Square Foot: $763 – Shows the price per square foot, providing a density value of property cost.
  • Total Homes Sold: 10 – Represents the liquidity of the market.
  • Median Sold Price: $1,481,012 – This is the middle value of all homes sold, which helps identify what buyers are spending.
  • Average Market Time: 14 days – The typical duration listings are on the market before sale, indicating market speed.

March 2024 Market Statistics

  • Current Active Listings: 9 – Fewer listings than April, indicating less availability.
  • Median Listing Price: $1,395,000 – Lower than April, suggesting an upward trend in property values.
  • Median List Price per Square Foot: $778 – Higher than April, which could reflect seasonal fluctuations or specific high-value listings that sold during March.
  • Total Homes Sold: 4 – Significantly fewer homes sold, pointing to a less active market.
  • Median Sold Price: $1,675,000 – Higher than April, potentially due to the sale of higher-priced properties despite lower sales volume.
  • Average Market Time: 14 days – Consistent with April, showing steady market movement.

Market Changes from March to April

The increase in active listings and total homes sold from March to April suggests a heating market in Glendale 91208, likely driven by the spring buying season. The decrease in median sold price despite more sales indicates a broader range of property values entering the market, potentially offering more opportunities for buyers.

About Glendale, California in the 91208 ZIP Code

Glendale 91208 encompasses diverse neighborhoods, excellent educational facilities, and robust community amenities, making it a sought-after area for families and professionals alike. Its proximity to central Los Angeles also adds a layer of convenience for commuters, enhancing its attractiveness as a residential area.

About Robbyn Battles

I am Robbyn Battles, a seasoned Broker Associate with a deep understanding of the Glendale real estate market. With years of experience and a robust track record, I can guide you through buying or selling in this vibrant market. For personalized advice or to learn more about real estate opportunities in Glendale, contact me at 818.388.1631 or via email at Visit for more insights and resources. Let’s make this market work for you!

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