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Tujunga Market at a Glance: Unveiling the Trends

In the dynamic realm of Tujunga real estate, understanding the market’s pulse is paramount. Over the past two 30-day periods, we’ve witnessed intriguing shifts in the housing landscape. As of September 12, there are 16 homes on the market, boasting a median list price of $989,000 and an average price per square foot of $802. During this period, 12 homes changed hands, with a median sale price of $724,000 and a swift average market time of 21 days.

September 12 Stats:

  • Active Listings: 16 homes
    • Median List Price: $989,000
      • Analysis: Strong demand, reflected in higher median price.
    • Average Price per Sq. Ft.: $802
      • Analysis: Indicates robust value for square footage.
    • Homes Sold: 12
      • Analysis: Active market with a steady number of transactions.
    • Median Sale Price: $724,000
      • Analysis: Competitive pricing benefits buyers and sellers.
    • Average Market Time: 21 days
      • Analysis: Homes are moving quickly, indicative of a lively market.

August 12 Stats:

  • Active Listings: 20 homes
    • Median List Price: $1,022,500
      • Analysis: Slightly higher inventory, possibly affecting pricing dynamics.
    • Average Price per Sq. Ft.: $807
      • Analysis: A strong value proposition for square footage.
    • Homes Sold: 7
      • Analysis: Fewer transactions, possibly reflecting a more selective market.
    • Median Sale Price: $905,500
      • Analysis: Slightly higher median sale price, reflecting seller’s market.
    • Average Market Time: 12 days
      • Analysis: Homes are selling rapidly, indicative of a brisk market.

A few key trends emerge when we analyze the real estate landscape in Tujunga over the past two months. In August, we saw a slightly larger inventory of homes on the market with a higher median list price. The average market time was notably shorter, indicating a brisk pace. In contrast, September showed a reduced inventory but a lower median list price, potentially offering more affordability. Despite the lower inventory, the market remained active with a consistent number of homes sold, and the average market time was still relatively quick. These fluctuations reflect Tujunga’s ever-changing real estate market, offering opportunities for buyers and sellers to navigate this captivating neighborhood.

Tujunga, nestled in the embrace of the Foothills, exudes a distinct charm. Bolton Hall stands tall, an emblem of local history, while trails wind to the North and South, inviting adventurers and nature lovers alike. The neighborhood’s architectural tapestry, a blend of old-world charm and contemporary designs, creates an enchanting visual mosaic.


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