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Dear Reader,
June has certainly been eventful! It all started with a surprise when a kind soul decided to hack my Facebook account. If you’d like to reconnect with me on Facebook, please search for my new profile, Robbyn A Battles, and send me a friend request. Unfortunately, this also affected our local Crescenta Commons page, which I will be working hard to rebuild by the end of the month. On a brighter note, I enjoyed celebrating a friend’s graduation with a few days of wine tasting in Paso Robles. Now, it’s time to dive back into all the exciting real estate opportunities I have for you. This just in, I’ve included a bonus page in this month’s letter titled “Anatomy of a Listing.” This content explains the diverse needs of sellers and highlights a few solutions tailored to address each client’s specific concerns.

June has been exceptionally busy, and I am grateful beyond words. Below are my latest listings.

  1. 1807 Alpha Rd. – Glendale 91208: 2 bedrooms, 1 bath CA/FA, great location. $799,000.
  2. 2916 Henrietta – La Crescenta: 1700+ sq ft with 500+ sq ft. attached workshop. $1,398,000.
  3. 4804 Dunsmore – La Crescenta: 3 beds., 3 baths, 2300 sq ft., single story, 12,000 sq ft. lot. $1,580,000.
  4. La Crescenta: Coming soon, 2000 sq ft. fixer. $1,250,000.
  5. La Crescenta: Coming soon, Call for more info, 3 bedrooms, 2 baths with a pool. $1,210,000.
  6. Tujunga: Coming soon, Move-in ready 3 bed, 2 bath. $889,000.

Congratulations to the Class of 2024! Wherever you celebrated your special day, I wish you all the best in your next chapter. I hope you enjoy the start of summer. Be safe, stay cool, and don’t forget the LA County Beach bus is back in service for the Summer.

Last item. Did you know I post a blog Monday – Friday? Topics include local news like the LA County Beach Bus, pets, education, proposed state and local laws, and much more. Here is your blog post link on my website,

I’ll be back in touch in July. Until then, feel free to give me a call or send me an email if you have any questions.
Warm Regards,
Robbyn Battles

****Bonus content featured in my monthly postcard due out late June. Anatomy of a Listing

Dear Future Home Sellers,

Welcome to Anatomy of a Listing. Feeling overwhelmed with the idea of selling your home where you’ve lived for years, surrounded by a lifetime of memories? I’m here not just to assist but to understand and empathize with your situation. We’ll create a detailed, customized plan that respects your pace and addresses your specific concerns. My approach is not just about selling a house—it’s about easing your transition, providing clear steps, and offering support through my dedicated team, ensuring every aspect of listing your home for sale is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Anatomy of a Listing: Below are a few key steps for each listing to ensure each property and client is uniquely prepared for the market. I’m breaking down a few of the unique steps used to get these listings market-ready:

2916 Henrietta Ave. | La Crescenta

  • Educating the Seller: We spent about 4 weeks exploring the key areas where they want to buy. This allowed them to feel comfortable that they would find another home once their home is in escrow.
  • Watching the Market: The week before hitting the market, we review market activity to ensure our list price is not too low or too high. We adjust if necessary.
  • Review our shared calendar: Clear communication so we all stay on the same page.

1807 Alpha Road |Glendale 91208

  • First Time Home Seller: Meeting to discuss the process and his plans to move.
  • Repairs and Upgrades: Recommended pre-home inspection and several minor clean-up items to prepare the home.
  • Delay due to availability: The original timeline we decided on to place the home on the market had to be reset due to a delay in the home he was purchasing.

4804 Dunsmore Ave. | La Crescenta

  • Planning Calendar: Moving out of a home they have owned for 30 years requires planning and, at the sellers’ request, a little prodding to stay on task. A shared task calendar was created to hit their target move-out date.
  • Staging: This seller was moving out of the home. A large empty house is not always the best way to get top dollar for a home. Staging allows buyers to have a better vision of themselves living in the home. I am not a fan of virtual staging.
  • Resources: Working as a team, clients rely on me for quick, reliable access to help them get their homes ready for the market.

All of the listings above started with a conversation. As you can see, each person’s needs and plans are different. When you are ready to start your conversation about selling your home, I am a simple phone call or email away.

Robbyn Battles

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