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I’m thrilled to share my latest adventures with you! Recently, I visited Cary, North Carolina, where I spent cherished moments with my 18-month-old great-niece. My journey also included exploring Downtown Cary Park, a newly opened 7-acre urban oasis. This space, resulting from 15 years of community collaboration, features dog parks, an amphitheater, suspended walkways, water elements, playgrounds, and even a bar and market, all anchored by a fantastic library. Back home, in the brief pauses between rains, I’ve been nurturing my garden, a peaceful retreat for thought and reflection. This time reminds me of how thankful I am for your support in my personal and business endeavors. I hope you’ve savored the rainy days and are ready to welcome the sunshine. Let’s shift our focus to the vibrant world of real estate and our community.

In this edition of “Anatomy of a Sold,” we delve into the sale of 3611 Las Palmas Ave, nestled in Sparr Heights. This transaction was especially poignant for the seller, who lived in this home for over 40 years. The home was market-ready with minimal staging, a testament to its well-maintained charm. Despite the robust demand in Sparr Heights, the challenging task was identifying a buyer who matched the seller’s specific conditions: a swift escrow, no requests for repairs, and a complimentary 90-day rent-back. Within five days, we received three offers, out of which an all-cash offer was chosen, albeit at a slightly lower price, with a 5-day appraisal contingency. The appraisal came in at $50,000 less than the agreed price. The buyer had three paths: absorb the difference, renegotiate, or cancel the deal. Leveraging a higher backup offer, the seller issued a notice to perform, insisting on the initial terms. This bold strategy paid off, as the buyer agreed to meet the original price, closing in 11 days. This sale illustrates how crucial it is to understand and carefully choose your options when negotiating. It’s all about making informed decisions and being prepared for emerging outcomes. To ensure the seller was comfortable and prepared to make her decision, we purposely took several days to weigh the pros and cons of each response.

For a more personal take, tune into my Spotify podcast episode, “I’m Just Sayin’ – Chatting with Susan.” In this episode, Susan, the seller, shares her perspective. From listing to closing, we share some laughs and recall a few tears and the awkward open-house moments.

In the community:
Check out several of my latest blog posts. Find out about a possible Mansion Tax in Glendale, an Easter Egg hunt at the Rose Bowl, Market Updates from Lake View Terrace to Altadena, and a few landlord updates.

Empowering Homeowners Against Fraudulent Recordings:
The Los Angeles County Department of Consumer and Business Affairs operates the Enhanced Homeowner Notification Program. Through this program, homeowners receive copies of documents recorded against their property and can review them for legitimacy. This process is vital in preventing unlawful changes in property ownership and avoiding wrongful foreclosures.

Visit Montrose:
March 16:
MSPA Presents The 6th Annual Montrose Spring Wine Walk
5:00 PM – 8:00 PM
The Montrose Shopping Park Presents our Spring Wine Walk. Sample wines from 25+ pour stations hosted by our merchants and businesses. More details and Ticket Info

Deadline March 25:
The 4th Annual MVCC Egg My Home brings a delightful twist to the traditional Easter egg hunt.
Families can enjoy a hassle-free Easter morning as candy and toy-filled eggs are delivered to your doorstep. More than a joyful celebration, this event serves as a heartwarming fundraiser for the Montrose Verdugo Chamber of Commerce. For details and how to place your order, click here.

To see more upcoming events, check out the MVCC event calendar.

March 30, 2024 at 10 AM–12 PM
Memorial Park in La Cañada Flintridge, California.
27th Annual Easter in the Park

Enjoy the month of March. Of course, if you have any questions about the market or are interested in buying or selling, I am just a phone call away.

Robbyn Battles

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