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On to May and closing out April. I wanted to mention some exciting developments in La Crescent & Montrose! Have you had the chance to check out the traffic improvements at the intersections of Lowell at Honolulu and Montrose at Ocean View? It’s long overdue, and I am thrilled with the new traffic lights and the addition of the turn-only arrows recently installed – they make getting around so much easier and safer. On the traffic safety front, next month, I’ll introduce a “Safe and Slow” program, just in time for summer break. I hope there will be lots of community participation.

On another note, have you noticed the current real estate market? Buyers are flooding the market, which is great news for sellers. It’s truly an excellent opportunity for those looking to sell their homes. I want to talk about an issue I often encounter with potential sellers. In the age of HGTV and all the articles about staging, before you place your home on the market, I want to be cognizant of those homeowners that do not feel they have the perfect home. Perhaps there is too much disrepair or clutter, or they have reasons preventing them from having their home on the open market. I just posted a video about using an off-market strategy to sell your home. I address some issues and solutions to help guide you with your decision to sell.

Selling Your Home Off Market
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Housing Bill headed to the voters in March 2024.
SCA-2 SENATE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT RELATED TO HOUSING. Seeks to repeal Article 34 of the California Constitution, which requires voters to approve the development, construction, or acquisition of publicly funded low-rent housing projects. I wrote a lengthy blog about the history and long-term repercussions if passed.Read the entire post and ballot measure.

I always aim to cover topics in my monthly letter that are informative and relevant to all of you. For more detailed information on everything in this letter, please visit my online letter, Also, I’ll be looking for gardening volunteers next month. Our community corner, “The Crescenta Commons,” requires some TLC. The site is also having a 10-year milestone this year. Announcements about a celebration will come in early summer.

And, of course, if you need help with buying or selling, I’m only a phone call away. I’ve added “Home Beat” to my website, a FREE bi-monthly or quarterly market report focused on active, pending, and sold homes near you. There are no sign-ups to view the properties. Super user-friendly and formatted with a lovely presentation.

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