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Dear Reader,

Do you feel like May just snuck up on you? I sure do. On the personal front, my husband and I celebrated 32 years of marriage at the end of April. Time flies! Last month I talked about how excited I was to see all the traffic improvements at some of our local intersections. Below I want to share the launch of a new community campaign to promote safe driving in our neighborhoods. Before I forget, to all the parents and graduates, Congratulations to the Class of 2023. Enjoy your Summer and enjoy your next adventure.

Let’s talk about housing development for a moment. NIMBY (Not in my backyard) Just because a community wants input on the development and is concerned about the impact does not automatically equate to no development at all. Do you feel most naysayers seek a balance to meet a need with a little less mass impact? Here is a heads-up on the next Housing Bill headed to the voters in March 2024. SCA-2 SENATE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT RELATED TO HOUSING. Seeks to repeal Article 34 of the California Constitution, which requires voters to approve the development, construction, or acquisition of publicly funded low-rent housing projects. My blog article.

I’m excited to share the Neighborhood Safe and Slow program, an initiative focused on pedestrian safety. As a former Town Council member, my focus was on pedestrian safety. With immense help and input from the community, I’m proud of our accomplishments, securing flashing crosswalks at Glenwood and Foothill, Rosemont Middle School, and the first-ever crossing guard in LA County for a middle school. Safe and Slow involves placing signs in yards to remind drivers to slow down, creating a safer community for everyone. You can easily order a FREE sign by calling or visiting my Let’s work together to prioritize safety in our neighborhood. A sign in every yard. Order your sign and read my history on safety.

And, of course, if you need help with buying or selling, I’m only a phone call away. I’ve added “Homebeat” to my website, a FREE bi-monthly or quarterly market report focused on active, pending, and sold homes near you. Super user-friendly, customizable to your home, and formatted with a lovely presentation. Homebeat sign-up.

If you are curious about the market in your area, I posted a quick recap for the month of April. The 2022 vs. 2023 comparisons are always interesting. In a nutshell, prices have not declined; most areas have half the sales as they did this time last year. Markets at a Glance April 2023

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Thank you for your continued support. I look forward to keeping you informed in the coming months.

Best regards,
Robbyn Battles

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