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La Canada Market at a Glance

The La Canada real estate market, shows a fascinating trend over the past 60 days. Let’s delve into the numbers to glean some insights.

November 2023

As of November 14, the inventory in La Canada stands at 27 homes with a substantial median list price of $3,995,000, reflecting the area’s high-end market status. The average price per square foot is $919, indicating a strong value for the property space. Within this period, 13 homes have been sold, boasting a median sale price of $3,000,000. These homes stayed on the market for an average of 31 days, suggesting a relatively swift turnover for such prized real estate.

October 2023

Looking back to the previous 30 days ending October 14, we observed a similar number of homes for sale (27), but with a higher median list price of $4,895,000. The average price per square foot then was slightly less at $877. In this window, the same number of homes (13) were sold, but at a significantly lower median sale price of $2,000,000, and they lingered longer on the market, averaging 43 days.

Comparative Analysis

Comparing these two periods, we notice a drop in the median list price, which might hint at a slight cooling of the market or a seasonal adjustment. However, the median sale price has increased, which could indicate that buyers are willing to pay more for the right home. Additionally, homes are selling faster in November, even as the holiday season approaches.

Market Implications

Understanding these statistics is crucial for both buyers and sellers. For buyers, particularly those who are capable of venturing into the multi-million dollar range, these trends signal the health and trajectory of the market, influencing when and what they choose to invest in. On the other hand, sellers can gauge the potential interest in their properties and the likely sale time frame.

High-End Buyers

Buyers in this upper echelon are often less affected by the fluctuations that might deter other market segments. They tend to look for unique features and the property’s intrinsic value rather than seeking to time the market.

Selling During the Holidays

Listing during the holiday season can be advantageous. Buyers in the market at this time are often more serious and motivated to close quickly. Additionally, the festive season may add to the home’s appeal, making it feel more welcoming during viewings.

The La Canada housing market remains robust, and these stats provide a snapshot for stakeholders to make informed decisions.

Enjoy the Holiday Festivities in and nearby La Canada – Flintridge

La Canada Flintridge and its neighboring areas, La Crescenta and Glendale, are embracing the festive spirit with various holiday events in 2023. The enchantment begins with the “Enchanted Forest of Light” event at Descanso Gardens, a radiant night-time experience with interactive light displays that captivate visitors of all ages [2]. Adding to the holiday cheer, the Montrose Holiday Wine Walk took place on November 11, offering an evening of fine wines and local flavors [4]. For those seeking an active start to Thanksgiving, the Community Center of La Canada Flintridge’s 30th Annual Thanksgiving Day Run & Food Drive promises a heartwarming and healthy kickoff to the holiday [3]. These events, set against the backdrop of the San Gabriel Mountains, offer a unique blend of community warmth and holiday excitement, making the season truly memorable for residents and visitors alike.

Certainly! To add to the festive events in La Canada – Flintridge and the surrounding areas, residents can look forward to the “Free Photos with Santa & Snow” event in Glendale La Crescenta. This event is set to offer a merry experience with the opportunity to take free photos with Santa amidst a winter wonderland of snow. Hosted by Robbyn Battles & JohnHart Real Estate, it promises to be a delightful community holiday party complete with 16 tons of snow and a live band. Pets are welcome to join in the festivities, provided they are on a leash. This event is scheduled for Sunday, December 10, 2023, at JohnHart Real Estate – La Crescenta [1][2][3][4].

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