Selling a Home: What Makes Your Property Stand Out?

7-9-housefeaturesThis summer, success selling a home in La Crescenta will depend on the same factors that have always predicted home sale success in La Crescenta: location, quality, and buyer appeal.

A home’s location is pretty much a given. Not much you can do unless you pick up and transport the house. The structural quality of workmanship and the level of maintenance a home’s received though the years can (and should) be gussied up, but that, too, is most often something that can’t be entirely redone.

However, the final factor, what I call “the little touches” are things that sellers should pay a lot of attention to because they play a huge part in the successful sale of a home in La Crescenta. The difference between receiving a quick offer (or not) can hinge on the little touches that make your home more desirable than others in its price range.

A good example is closet space. Any property with a closet organization system will appeal to a large number of buyers. Compare this to the old style closets with a single curtain rod going across or those messy walk in closets cluttered with clothes.

Similarly, advanced home technology can stick in buyers’ memories at the end of a long day of house tours. They don’t even have to be expensive or whole-house systems: a simple programmable thermostat that can be accessed by a smart phone can be an interesting selling point that makes your home stick out. This is the kind of touch that isn’t a great deal of trouble to install – but it can provide the edge that makes selling your home that much easier.

More extensive (and expensive) tech-savvy features, like tricked-out media rooms or home offices wired to the hilt, are also very hot right now (especially for today’s younger buyers) and can provide the edge you’re looking for. When selling your home, pay attention to the little touches and then make sure you:

  • Prep to emphasize each of these special features (like leaving that system-organized closet door open with the light on);
  • Get your agent in the loop, ready to showcase these key elements;
  • Print up a list of all the little touches, or newly refurbished utilities that might otherwise go unnoticed, and;
  • Stage your home to bring out less visible features – like setting out a wine bottle and glasses with a note to “be sure to check out the killer wine cellar downstairs.”

It’s also possible that some appealing features are ones that you take for granted. You may have simply gotten used to them yet they ought to be emphasized. These are the details any good real estate agent will notice and can put into your home’s marketing plan.

The bottom line? Whatever is unique and desirable will make selling your home that much easier.

If you will be selling your own La Crescenta home in this summer, I hope you will give me a call. There’s never an obligation, but if you wish, we can go over your property to uncover the little touches that can be used to make your home stand-out!