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My wellness team, who they are, and what they do.
For over a year I had been dealing with a shoulder injury and then shortly thereafter a severe injury to my piriformis muscle. My personal preference is alternative medicine when and however possible. Two doctors wanted me to have shoulder surgery. Others wanted to prescribe pain meds. Knowing that I am very active both were really not an option for me plus meds would just mask my pain and in my mind leave me vulnerable to further injury. So on my adventure for information and help to do things my way. I did do many missteps along the way. I tried practitioners that caused more damage than repair. So I just kept researching and looking to find the right solutions. In the back of my mind, I could remember when my mom had a stroke. The doctor told me he was going to put together a team. That team saved her life. Thankfully my injury was not life-threatening but I thought to myself. I need a team, hence “My Wellness Team.” So worth the literal pain of waiting and searching. I hope sharing these four professionals will help you now or in the future.

1: Suzi | She has been my Pilates instructor for almost 9 years. She works out of Hailey Paton Pilates and Physical Therapy studio in Montrose. Her schedule is pretty booked but well worth the try.
Here is the website information: Pilates

2: Dr. Morovati | The relief from the pain in my arms and shoulder took about 4 visits. Then he started working on my neck. This was the final game-changer. He used two pieces of equipment Acuscope and shockwave therapy. Morovati Wellness and Sports Injury Center in Montrose. Contact Information

3: Jasmine | Medical massage and Lymphatic massage in Pasadena. The stiffness and small blockage knots in my arm, shoulder, and neck were pretty severe. Using massage and stretching Jasmine is able to loosen the tissue and create a much better flow throughout my entire system. MLD Therapy and Wellness. Contact and booking information

4: The Crew | Muscle Lab in Pasadena was such a sweet find for me. It was like a one-stop-shop for health and wellness. IV’ therapy stretching, a must for my piriformis injury. Plus you must try the infrared bed oh so good for you. Work with anyone on staff they are all great. Visit their website

My short little video about my wellness team.

P.S if you are looking for more professionals I recommend trying out this link for an entire list of local professionals from medical, food, carpentry, and more. Robbyn’s Trusted Professionals

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