Year of the House Staging

EP : 4 | Staging, A Must-Do for Every Seller

Your home is beautiful, so why then would I ask you to stage your home? Homes are very very personal. Over 30 years in this business I have seen stunning homes, new homes, and homes that I am not quite sure how they are still standing.

That being said no matter what the condition every home deserves the absolute best. At the end of the day you the homeowner want your property to look and feel the very best when it is presented to the buying community. Sometimes it's a simple as moving and few things around and adding some fresh flowers. Other times it could take us weeks to get the property into selling shape.

All of the years of hard work or the weeks of hard work the end result should always be the same. Did I bring you the best services to showcase your home the very best we could?


Staging It's All ABout how it Works

“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

                                                                                                –Steve Jobs


Staging Day

The end result. Sold in 1 day at full asking.

In episode 4,  "Year of the House," You see the transformation. This particular home was a tract home where we sat and watched the same exact model sit for months on the market at much lower pricing. So how was I going to make this home stand out so that not only would one buyer want it but there would be multiple offers and we had to get a much higher price than what the others were listed. The staging was the key. The goal was to create a home buyer could see there families living in throughout the year. So in the middle of winter we through a pool party. The end result. Sold in 1 day at full asking.

When you are ready to start talking about selling pick up the phone and give me a call let's set the stage for your successful sale.
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Why Every Home Should be Staged

One has to be very careful when suggesting staging to a seller. Asking a seller sometimes if you can bring in a stager can be compared to asking someone who picked out your outfit. There is a 50/50 chance this could go in a bad direction. My intention is for this suggestion to always 110% go in the right direction with the end result in YOU as the homeowner making as much money as possible.

Staging can involve all or some of these changes

  • Staging a vacant room
  • Re-purposing a room.
  • Giving an awkward space a purpose.
  • Re-arranging existing furniture
  • Editing or paring down an over-decorated home.
  • Staging the main rooms to set the tone.
  • Staging an entire home.

Remember staging is not about designing around how you live. Staging is about setting a tone, creating a space buyer can incision themselves living for years to come. Sometimes filling the awkward space with a purpose can bring about the most significant selling asset of a home. Point and case; I had a seller with this large and very narrow sunroom. The stager created three separate living areas. One was a casual eating area, then several couches to relax and then a comfy ready area. Believe it or not, became the favorite space as buyers toured the home.  Creating a use for a space allows the buyer to see the real potential.

In the long run, the more buyers that can imagine themselves in your home the easier the chance is sellers will have their home sold faster and at a higher price.

If you are considering selling give me a call. When you are ready to sell one of the first things we will do is have my Professional stager walk thru the home.

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