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Welcome to 2912 Henrietta La Crescenta, a charming residence in the heart of La Crescenta, California. This blog post delves into the intricacies of listing and selling a property, using the beautiful home at 2912 Henrietta as a prime example. I’ll also share a heartwarming story about working with an elderly seller, Claire, who, at 91 years old, decided to transition to a new living situation. Join me, Robbyn Battles, your Real Estate Consultant, as we explore the detailed process behind listing a home, crafting a personalized plan, and understanding the unique needs of different homeowners.

Anatomy of a Listing: Not Just Listed, but How it Listed.

In real estate, listing a home goes far beyond placing a sign in the yard and posting photos online. My approach as a Real Estate Consultant is to form a partnership with homeowners, guiding them through the complexities of preparing their property for the market. This journey involves careful planning and strategy tailored to meet each homeowner’s needs and goals. Unlike traditional agents or Realtors® who primarily focus on a one-size-fits-all pre-printed marketing plan, I prioritize a consultative approach. This means I spend significant time understanding your specific needs, goals, and concerns. This approach ensures that we align strategy with your life transitions and real estate objectives, providing a tailored experience that addresses your unique situation. Below, I’ll summarize the “Anatomy of a Listing,” sharing the informational process. Much more than a random Just Listed card.

2912 Henrietta Anatomy of a Listing: The Process/ The Plan

Every homeowner and home present a unique set of circumstances and challenges. Many owners feel overwhelmed by the amount of work required to prepare a house for sale. This can range from decluttering years of accumulated belongings to carrying out necessary repairs. By engaging with homeowners well before they are ready to list, we can develop a realistic timeline and organize tasks to manage the workload effectively, ensuring nothing becomes overwhelming.

The listing plan for 2912 Henrietta was meticulously crafted to reflect the property’s unique aspects and the needs of its owner, Claire.

Claire’s decision to sell her home after 60 years was not made lightly. At 91, she was deeply attached to her house but recognized the need to move closer to family in another state. Our plan had to consider Claire’s emotional and physical comfort every step of the way. Regular check-ins were essential to ensure she felt supported and that the process was as stress-free as possible.

We started with two family meetings with Claire when the listing contract was signed. The third meeting was just Claire and I walking through the home and creating a schedule she would feel comfortable with. Over the next 38 days, I visited Claire every other day to see how she was doing with the caregivers who were there to help clean out and pack. In that time, she made a big dent in things. Then it was time for all three kids to come in and help pack the truck, go through essential papers, talk to me to verify the price and terms, and review the remainder of the plan. Five days later, Clair and her daughter got on a plane, and the moving truck pulled away from her home. The rest of the Listing prep was up to me. 8 days after Claire left, I had a hauling company remove 4 trucks worth of items. A professional cleaning crew comes through for 11 hours, to be exact. Three rooms were painted, three light fixtures were removed and capped, the entire house was staged, and professional photos were completed. This personalized plan for Claire and the family let everyone know exactly what was happening while maintaining the stress level.

Now, we are ready to go live on the market. You can listen to my interview with Claire on my podcast, I’m Just Sayin’ with Robbyn Battles, in the episode titled” At the kitchen table.” Get a glimpse into what it is like for someone like Claire to prepare to sell her home.

The Allure of 2912 Henrietta La Crescenta

Nestled in a sought-after neighborhood, 2912 Henrietta is a testament to a home that has been loved and meticulously cared for over 60 years. This property offers an ideal setup for families, pet owners, or those operating a business from home. The heart of this home is a spacious kitchen, perfect for culinary enthusiasts, which opens up into a large living room, complete with a charming fireplace.

The house also features an additional 555 square feet of finished basement area with both interior and exterior access, providing the potential for two extra bedrooms or a dedicated home office or entertainment hub. While the interiors might call for modern updates, the essential systems of the house, such as central air and heating, plumbing, exterior paint, gutters, and the roof, have been diligently maintained.

The exterior presents a hidden gem—an adventurous yard with myriad hiding spots and ample room for gardening, creating a private oasis. Moreover, private front and side patios offer serene outdoor living and dining spaces. Positioned just blocks from top-rated schools, this home is a peaceful retreat that remains conveniently close to community resources, emphasizing its value as a family home and showcasing its potential for new owners to start their chapter.


The sale of 2912 Henrietta La Crescenta is a perfect example of how real estate is more than just transactions; it’s about people, emotions, and making significant life transitions as smooth as possible. Whether you’re considering selling your home now or in the future, remember that planning is essential. Feel free to reach out to discuss your circumstances—even if you’re not ready to list. Together, we can prepare a plan that suits your timeline and needs, ensuring you’re as comfortable as Claire was with her decision to move forward.

Thanks for reading and listening,

Robbyn Battles


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