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10 Off-Leash Dog Parks

Pasadena, California, offers more than just the renowned Rose Bowl; it's a vibrant community with excellent amenities for families and students. Among these amenities are numerous off-leash dog parks, perfect for pet owners in the area. Let's e...

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Glendale 91208 Market at a Glance

Understanding real estate market trends is crucial for buyers, sellers, and property owners to make informed decisions. The Glendale 91208 housing market offers a dynamic and evolving landscape, as evidenced by the fluctuating statistics from F...

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Altadena Market at a Glance

This post delves into the Altadena real estate market, comparing the dynamic changes from February to March 2024. We analyze active listings, median list prices, sales, and market time, offering insights into local housing trends. This comparat...

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Sunland Market at a Glance

Sunland Market at a Glance: A 60-Day Comparative Analysis The real estate market in Sunland has seen significant shifts over the past 60 days, with March and February presenting contrasting trends. This blog post analyzes these variations to...

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Navigating California’s 2024 Rental Law Reforms

In 2023, California saw significant changes in rental laws with the introduction of Senate Bill 567, also known as the Homelessness Prevention Act, and Assembly Bill 12, which revises residential security deposit regulations. Both laws reflect ...

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New Homeowner Alert from the LA County Tax Assessor

Homeownership is a significant milestone and an essential asset, especially for seniors, who often depend on their homes for financial stability and comfort in their golden years. However, this valuable asset can become a target for fraudul...

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March Monthly Letter

Dear Reader, I'm thrilled to share my latest adventures with you! Recently, I visited Cary, North Carolina, where I spent cherished moments with my 18-month-old great-niece. My journey also included exploring Downtown Cary Park, a newly open...

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Anatomy of a Sold it’s all about Susan

Dive into the captivating story of Susan's home sale in the idyllic Sparr Heights, a tale rich with emotional milestones and savvy real estate strategies. I call this an Anatomy of a Sold". The story starts with a phone call and a heartfelt wal...

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La Crescenta Montrose Market at a Glance

Let's dive into the stats and figures defining the La Crescenta-Montrose real estate market as of March 8, 2024 for the past 30 days. Median Listing Price: In the past 30 days, the median listing price in our area was $1,300,000. This figure...

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