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Pasadena 91104 Market at a Glance

Pasadena 91104 Market at a Glance: August 28 vs. July 28 If you're curious about the real estate landscape in Pasadena's 91104 neighborhood, you've come to the right place. In this Market at a Glance report, we're divin...

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What trees are good to plant this time of year.

Five things to do in the garden this month: 1. When planted now, trees of tropical and subtropical origin such as citrus, mango, avocado, macadamia, star fruit, and cherimoya, as well as passion fruit vines and palms, benefit from the warm s...

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Welcome to Crescenta Commons

Discover the Heart of La Crescenta: Crescenta Commons In the charming community of La Crescenta, nestled within the Foothills, lies a hidden gem that embodies the true spirit of community collaboration – Crescenta Com...

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Exterior Renovations that Boast the Best ROI

Remodeling with a return on investment in mind can be a smart strategy for homeowners, whether one is thinking about moving in the next few months or further down the road. Though this approach is an inexact science, in many instances, ...

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Glendale Chevy Chase – Glenoaks Canyons

Glendale Chevy Chase and Glenoaks Canyons Market at a Glance: A Comparative Analysis of August 23 and July 23 Stats Discover the dynamic real estate market of Glendale's Chevy Chase and Glenoaks Canyons neighborhoods wi...

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Pasadena 91103 Market at a Glance

Delving into the Pasadena 91103 real estate market unveils intriguing insights over the last two months. Let's break down the data on home listings, prices, and sales, providing valuable information for both potential buye...

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Growing and Caring for Olive Trees

Growing and Caring for Olive Trees Indoors and Outdoors Introduction: Olive trees, ancient plants cultivated for millennia, have historical significance as archaeologists trace their presence back thousands of year...

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Why Rents are Rising at a Record Pace

5 Key Factors Driving Record Rent Increases Rising rents in the U.S. multifamily market have surged by 14.8% over the past year, fueled by a combination of factors that have created a perfect storm of rent growth. This ...

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Lake View Terrace Market at a Glance

Lake View Terrace Market at a Glance: Lake View Terrace, California, offers a snapshot of its real estate market over the past two months, revealing trends in home listings, prices, and sales that provide insights for bot...

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