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Dear Reader,

Welcome to my April monthly letter. This month has been bustling with activity! I spent the initial weeks assisting a client in preparing her home for the market—a project filled with dedication and detail. Additionally, another homeowner and I collaborated to donate a grand piano to the Colburn School, a gesture that enriched our community’s musical resources. On a personal note, my free moments were scarce, but I seized the sunny days to exercise at the Rose Bowl Loop and began managing spring cleanup at Crescenta Commons in La Crescenta.

What is an Anatomy of a Listing? Not Just Listed, but How it Was Listed.” I’m Robbyn Battles, and I’m not just your real estate agent -“I’m more than just your real estate agent—I am your Real Estate Consultant. This distinction is crucial because my role extends beyond simple transactions. It’s about building a partnership with you to expertly navigate the intricate process of preparing you and your home for the market. In this blog, we’ll explore the real-world complexities of the listing process. A journey far removed from reality TV shows’ glitz and superficial glamour. With over 35 years of experience in real estate, I offer more than just sales expertise; I provide guidance and advice through one of your most significant life decisions. Forget the scripted scenes of television; the actual process is quite different, and I’m here to show you how it happens in an “Anatomy of a Listing.”

In my latest podcast, I’m Just Sayin’ with Robbyn Battles, Anatomy of a Listing, The Preparation. I delve into the detailed process of listing a home for sale. The process involved a comprehensive 67-day preparation phase. The house belongs to my feisty, 91-year-old seller Claire. The initial focus was helping her sort through 60 years of memories and deciding what to take to her new residence out of state. Staying on track and reducing stress and overwhelm is vital. To accomplish this, I developed a structured plan involving daily tasks, family meetings, and check-ins to manage such a significant emotional and physical transition. After her move, I was responsible for clearing the remaining items, organizing repairs, final cleaning, staging the home, and the typical listing prep, like photos and video. Then off to the market, we went. Listen to the podcast episode The Preparation. 

Selling a home requires meticulous preparation and teamwork with a trusted agent. Whether you’re just starting to think about selling, actively planning, or ready to list your property, I’m here to help tailor the listing process to meet your unique needs and timeline. Let’s connect and discuss how we can achieve your real estate goals together, like Claire, and I did to get her home ready. Check out the before-and-after pictures of 2912 Henrietta Ave in La Crescenta to see the transformation.

Learn more about my latest listing, 2912 Henrietta, and the detailed process of preparing the home and the seller to get their property ready for the market.

I’m excited to announce another new listing: a spacious 4-bedroom, 2700-square-foot home in the picturesque Padre Park neighborhood just south of Foothill in Tujunga. Expect this to hit the market in mid-May. You can always call for more details.

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Thanks for reading. Until next month, check back regularly for all my latest posts and updates.

Warm Regards,
Robbyn Battles
Your Real Estate Consultant, The House Agent

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