Community Corner February 2020

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February Community Corner

This month I have decided to change things up. Instead of an all events series focused on the community I have decided to add the following; People that have done special things for the community as well and some interesting things you just may want to know. Enjoy the new format.

Feb 25 Registration opens for GUSD Kindergarten and Pre-K
GUSD Enrollment

  • Welcome to the Glendale Unified School District where we prepare our students for their future.
  •  If this is the first time your child is entering GUSD, please pre-enroll your child by clicking HERE prior to completing the enrollment process as explained below.

Elementary School Enrollment:

All Elementary enrollments for the 2019-2020 school year will take place in Room 203 at the district office until February 24th.  Starting on February 25th you will enroll at your school of residence.
For more information about GUSD enrollment visit their website:

Feb 14 Valentines Day
It’s the day to celebrate those you love and hold dear. Do you send flowers to your honey or do you make a little something special for the family? However you celebrate enjoy and have a very Happy Day.

Local Farmers Markets:
Visit La Canada every Saturday in the 1300 Block of Foothill Blvd. right across the street for the Mayors Park. Enjoy some unique finds and of course fresh veggies and fruits and a wonderful assortment of fresh flowers. Maybe pick up some early Valentines flowers.

If you like to shop on Sunday don’t miss the Farmers market in Montrose on Honolulu Ave. Wonderful food, fresh fruits and veggies wonderful fresh breads and so much more.

Tomatomania is coming to Descanso Gardens.
TOMATOMANIA!, the world’s largest tomato seedling sale, returns to Descanso Gardens. Activities free to members. Included in the price of regular Descanso Gardens admission, no registration required. March 28, 2020 @ 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Descanso Gardens 1418 Descanso Dr La Cañada Flintridge, CA 91011

Plant Sale
9am – 5pm
Select from hundreds of healthy seedlings, including heirloom varieties, old favorites and unusual offerings.

The Kitchen for Exploring Foods Bloody Mary Bar
This popular Bloody Mary Bar returns!

Tomato Talks
10:30am and 1:30pm
Get tips from experts on growing at the Gardenerd Education Series.

Tomato Cooking Demo
A chef from The Kitchen for Exploring Foods will prepare dishes featuring tomatoes.

Veteran Memorial Eagle restored by a local volunteer: On Pearl harbor Day, vandals jumped the fence at the Sunland Park war memorial and either tried to steal the marble. A local volunteer picked up the broken pieces and has carefully restored the beautiful Eagle. Read the entire article and get to know what’s good about the people that care about Sunland A great feel good story.

Take the Recycle Bin Quiz:
The City of Glendale created a quick very informational Curbside Recycle Bin do and don’t quiz. To be honest I did not do so well. Check it out. I have been putting things in my recycle bin that should not be there. No matter what City you live in this is a fun little quiz. Here is the link:



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Spring is just around the corner SUPER BLOOM?

In 2017, California experienced its first super bloom in nearly a decade. But, miraculously, Mother Nature decided to put on a similar show in 2018 and 2019 across the state. Now, people are wondering if she’ll do the same again in the spring of 2020.

We want to tell you, “Heck yes, the flowers are coming!” but we simply can’t — yet. However, there is one place that does have the power to predict, and that’s the Farmer’s Almanac, which says there may just be enough rain to trigger a bloom in the coming weeks.

According to the 2020 almanac, between now and Feb. 7, the Pacific Southwest will experience a slight rainy period followed by cool weather. Then, from Feb.12-20 the area will experience more rain and even potential showers. And, if that rain really comes, along with sustained cooler weather, it could trigger a bloom in March, just as it has for the last several years.

“We have received cold weather as expected for a possible super bloom or whatever you want to call it,” Chris Hon, a senior environmental scientist at the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve, told the Los Angeles Times. “If we have sustained rains to keep the poppies growing, we will likely have some type of super bloom.”

Read the entire Super Bloom article


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