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South Pasadena Peacocks

They're loud, they're proud — these peacocks are getting the boot If you live in Shadow Hills, peacocks are an everyday occurrence. They are as much a part of the landscape as the horses you'll see walking up and down the streets. But why...

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Popular La Crescenta homes & More

When you are talking about the housing market, it's important not to generalize and say the market is terrible, the market is dropping. Although rates have increased, some markets have not been as affected as others. When considering a purchase...

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Design Trends 2023

Robbyn's top three picks for the 15 are below. #1 Moody and Cozy Rooms: Why well, to be honest, I have a room designed almost exactly like the one highlighted as #3 on the list of 15. #2 Dimensional Textures: Why I just thought the hanging li...

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Density Bonus Projects

Below is the complete article from "The Planning Report", an interview with LA City Planning Director Vince Bertoni. There is a lot to absorb in this article, so grab a cup of coffee or a big glass of water and get ready for a great read on wha...

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October 2022 Letter

Dear Reader, You are invited!!! I'm hosting my second annual community holiday party, "FREE photos with Santa and Snow." This year I'm turning things up a notch with a live band, two snow sled lanes, a larger snow area, and lots of fun photo...

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Brillant Teens

Why Billionaire Eric Schmidt Is Backing A High School Senior Making A Cancer-Detecting Toothbrush And Other Brilliant Teens When James Chau Nguyen's grandmother was diagnosed with cancer in March 2020, the tumor in her brain was already too ...

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Fall Drought Tolerant plants

THE BEST DROUGHT-TOLERANT PLANTS FOR YOUR FALL GARDEN FALL IN LOVE WITH WATER-SAVING CALIFORNIA PLANTS Looking to give your garden a fall makeover? Giving your garden an updated fall feel is as easy as opting for colorful, drought-tolerant ...

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Halloween and your dog

The annual Montrose Halloween Spooktacular will weave its magic in the 2200, 2300 and 2400 blocks of Honolulu Ave. on Halloween night, October 31st. Who knows what devilish fun lurks in the shadows of Montrose after dark? The Montrose Shopping ...

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Pasadena Affordable Housing

Zone change allows churches, synagogues and mosques to create up to 75 units Housing in Pasadena can now be planted in “God’s backyard.” The City Council has voted to allow churches, synagogues and mosques to develop affordable housin...

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September 2022 Monthly Letter

Dear Reader, Welcome to September. This month I have a little water saving hack to share with you. The hack involves your air conditioner and a rain barrel. Best of all the water for your garden is FREE. Check out my little video. Robbyn's w...

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